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What does this error mean?

my program can pass the compile and link.  but when I execute it, the
dos window shows the following error:
run-time error M6201: MATH
-sqrt: DOMAIN error
Image            PC          Routine    Line     Source
GSR.exe          004146B9    unknown    unknown  unknown
kernel32.dll     7C816FD7    unknown    unknown  unknown

Incrementally linked image--PC correlation disabled
I don't know how to do with the above information.  Thanks in advance
for your help.


On 3 mei, 09:42, Wenbin Hu <h@ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:

Most probably, since the error message indicates that it failed with
the intrinsic function sqrt, you are trying to take the square root
a negative number.

Look in your source code for places where sqrt() is used. Then try
to identify if there are situations where its argument might be

(One thing to watch out for: if you are computing the standard
of a series of data, then sqrt( sum_of_squares - sum**2) _can_  give
problems. This is the case if the values are all the same and
errors due to finite precision make the difference a very small
number. It is a situation that I have seen on several occasions in
my own code)



On May 3, 5:42 pm, Wenbin Hu <h@ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:

Your program GSR.exe, compiled from GSR.FOR has failed while executing
the SQRT function.
It may be that the argument is negative since the message shows "-
You also have a kernel32.dll external rourine, which should be called
during the execution before using it in your main program.

It appears your compiler is capable of reporting the routine and line
number where the program fails, but the option has not been turned on

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