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f90 makefile


I am having some trouble with my Fortran makefile. I want to use a
small utility that generate dependencies file automatically for f90
programs. I created a test program which contains two files: main.f90
and modtest.f90 (main.f90 use a module defined in modtest.f90).

Following the makedepf90 manual http://www.helsinki.fi/~eedelman/makedepf90/manpage.html
, I created a Makefile that contains

FC = g95

SUFFIXES: .f90 .o

        $(FC) -c $(FFLAGS) $<

include .depend

        rm -f *.o *.mod core

depend .depend:
        makedepf90 -o main *.f90 > .depend

and, the .depend file generated contains

FOBJ=main.o modtest.o

main: $(FOBJ)
        $(FC) -o $@ $(FFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) $(FOBJ) $(LIBS)

main.o : main.f90 modtest.o
modtest.o : modtest.f90

now, when I "make depend", things work fine, but when I "make", I got
the following error message:

make: *** No rule to make target `.f90', needed by `SUFFIXES'.  Stop.

Can you help me ?




.SUFFIXES: .f90 .o



Paul van Delst             Ride lots.
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