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Fortran Programming Language

49991 convert.f90
49990 Routine to smooth data
49989 Well cited Fortran Gaussian PRNG?
49988 I/O in PURE and ELEMENTAL procedures in Fortran 2008
49987 Language Bindings and Standard Development Guidelines
49986 Arithmetic operation on derived type
49985 debug allocatable
49984 Artifacts in resizing BMP image
49983 how to "rename" an array
49982 Intrinsics for Statistics
49981 fortran and preprocessor
49980 routine for solving integral equations
49979 two cents
49978 Help! How to code the following program?
49977 debugging fortran code with gdb
49976 Woooooooooooooooooow The Best Music Search Engine
49975 Interesting bug in (admittedly old) MS FORTRAN 5.1
49974 gfortran, OpenMP, and AMD64 X2
49973 unexplainable behaviour - f90 - looking for some tools to help diagnose
49972 How can I secure this small code ?
49971 HELP: "The number of subscripts is incorrect."
49970 What we Still dont know
49969 fft from numerical recipes
49968 how to get free discussion on my website ?
49967 F77,F90 Namelist input of logical variables
49966 error analysis for brute force polynomial eval?
49965 Intel fortran error (76) help
49964 Fortran to edit one line of text file
49963 Sun fortran and trailing underscores
49962 division by zero error
49961 Fortran novice
49960 ifort 9.1 on 64-bit openSuSE 10.2 (?)
49959 How to read .csv file in fortran77?
49958 unable to view symbols in gdb
49957 BOZ literal constants, a puzzle for us Standard-loving types.
49956 funny variable names in gdb
49955 copy and move files
49954 writing fortran variable to file in gdb
49953 Converting a string to reals
49952 undefined variable problem
49951 Sample polling program code?
49950 array operations on non-conforming arrays -- do compilers catch them?
49949 variable content lost
49948 reading back a partially-written record on direct access
49947 Importing from Microsoft Access in Fortran
49946 attn: elspeth - very delightful downloads - erdov ejde - (1/1)
49945 Problem: g95 dll vs. VBA
49944 Link object file from C++ to Fortran 77
49943 LIst-directed reads and error reporting
49942 IVF Example of QuickWin
49941 make eror with f95
49940 Using Intel Fortran Compiler v8.0 on AMD-Cluster with Suse LES 10.0
49939 No source code at this location, problem
49938 Internal read. Ilegal o bug en g95?
49937 Using MINLOC(array)
49936 Reading unformatted data
49935 using a module
49934 F2003: Extension of DT with several parents possible?
49933 How to measure the time a subroutine takes?
49932 Problem with DGESVD - Singular Value Decomposition (LAPACK)
49931 a question about output file name
49930 Challanges of Implementing the ISO Standard...
49929 taking notes about a code
49928 good fortran debugger
49927 Help for a FORTRAN N00b
49926 Redirecting output to a scratch file
49925 maxloc problem
49924 people please heeelpppp meeeee.....pleaseee urgent help needed..any one willing to send me his/her email id so that i email him the fortran question.
49923 Reference Information Manager (RIM) Source
49922 papers on memory management for allocatable components of user-defined types
49921 Bind (c) and PRIVATE and SEQUENCE
49920 error in simple loop !!
49919 fortran array and gdb
49918 fortran gdb forum
49917 Installation and usage of free FORTRAN-77 compiler on Windows XP laptop
49916 read statement works on dos compiler, not unix
49915 Why there must be a "stop" after "if (ios .lt.0) then" ?
43647 How to inspect an array value in gdb?
43646 Fortran
43645 Is C faster than fortran?
43644 calculation accuracy
42644 Fortran interface for GSL (alpha)
42643 Fortran90/95 Call tree
42642 How do I make a library file with XLF?
42641 how to call a file.out in a fortran file?
42640 Read a .BMP into Fortran?
42639 FYI: Canaimasoft Web Site Back Up
42638 howto find where a variable is initialized
42637 Different results with same executable using openmp clause
42636 Intel Fortran 9.1
42635 Starting to doubt fortran
42634 .mul ? what does it mean ?
42633 how to get the gradient of a function?
42632 declaring variables in the code
42631 jxz
40914 Visual Fortran add-in program - VFTool 2.20
40913 alpha stage OpenMP compilers for Fortran 95 and C
40912 Profiling Fortran 77 using gprof on linux
40911 CVF Version 6.1.A Bug
40910 how to display the source file in ddd?
40909 Libraries on Linux
40908 Why float is called as 'float', not 'real'?
40907 ffnet 0.6 - neural networks and fortran
40906 Newbie Question!
40905 Fortran with a GUI??
40904 g77 efficiency
40903 The Elements of Fortran Style
38142 make
38141 Redefining intrinsic operators
38140 About IMSL library and global variable
38139 integer factorization subroutine
38138 complex number & sort
38137 iso_c_binding: use of c_int in an initialization expression
38136 Reading in a file as raw hex bytes?
38135 John Backus 1924-2007
38134 Array of procedure pointers in F2003?
38133 http or tcp/ip
38132 F2k8 BITS
38131 Equivalence of derived types with default initializers?
38130 Shellsort - initial swap size
38129 Fortran language course
38128 NAGWare Fortran 95 Syntax Checker Available online
38127 Print statement within If-Then block changes output!!!????
35510 Inverse of a square matrix
35509 variable names for different fortrans
35508 Netcat and Fortran
35507 Gfortran 2 years behind G95 and still not ready for prime time
35506 Need help with fortran file output
35505 Polyhedron 2005 benchmark results
35504 Guess what's sitting on my desk?
35503 Efficient arrays for artificial neural networks?
35502 Function kind attribute: valid fortran?
34588 Merits of Fortran - followup summary
34587 presentations at "Fifty Years of Fortran"
34586 Debug Symbols missing in Intel Visual Fortran
34585 Beware the ides of march!
34584 Windows gfortran binaries
34583 design question
33554 compilers: Compaq, Lahey, Intel
33553 Append to screen IO
32529 DDD and modules
32528 Code Too Large for MS FORTRAN
32527 using somebody else's function
32526 Question to IBM xlf users
32525 AMD Opteron + intel fortran (linux)
32524 multiple precision arithmetic
32523 Using unused variables
32522 Benchmarking "transfer"
31128 F2k3 Translation - UML 2 Test Profile Example
31127 MR&C 7.9
31126 using blank common as malloc on Cray Fortran
31125 Aren't the fuddy-duddies in the group going to comment on Fortress
31124 Merits of fortran
31123 reset the video buffer
31122 increasing width
31121 Any free Fortran 90-95 compilers for Cray Y-MP ?
29281 absoft fortran-mrwe application
29280 Extreme Newbie Help
29279 use of user defined types in Fortran 90 modules
29278 Getting literal newline \n in output after porting code
29277 Sun Studio 12 early access compilers go live
29276 Help. Fortran 90
29275 maxloc question
29274 Help! Fortran90 errata corrige
29273 warn about unused PRIVATE entities
29272 Can allocatable dummies be optional?
29271 generic deallocate possible?
29270 IVF quirks, or standard?
29269 optional argument of elemental function
29268 ANSI way to zero last few bits of doubles?
29267 debugging segmentation faults (gfortran)
28242 OMP Parallel for MS Visual Studio with Intel Fortran
28241 Cray-pointer-based array initialisation
28240 adding and displaying harmonic series
28239 Calling a dll c function returning a pointer
28238 g77 default array index starts at 0?
28237 Parameter usage in interface blocks
28236 F-compiler installation
28235 fortran equivalent of matlab num2str
25975 openMP reduction with arrays
25974 Digital/Compaq/HP Visual Fortran on Windows 2000/XP
25973 Problem using procedures and functions in modules
25972 OT - 4 stager -- Launch Picture
25324 How old is the average Fortran programmer?
25323 When will this ng come to accept that Fortran needs to go "back to the future" ?
25322 2D Graph Programme with ASCII Input
24260 need help making function elemental
24259 Array intrinsics with zero-size array argument
24258 ISO C Binding: Pointer to a pointer of pointers: ***argv
24257 line input
24256 Controlling excel from fortran
24255 re-allocating an allocatable
23699 Array size by module variables
23698 F2003: C interop binding labels
23697 Division of large negative number leads to integer overflow
23053 ifort 64 vs 32-bit addressing compiler flag
22594 optional argument versus subroutine overloading
22593 End of record marker - 32 vs. 64 bit
22592 IBM XL Fortran

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