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File Upload - Change key code for ENTER key on Browse Button


I have File Upload control in my form. When I click Enter key, it
triggers "Submit" button event. So I wrote onkeydown function as

if (window.event.keycode == 13)
           return false;


hence "Submit" button didn't fire.

But I want to assign Spacebar keycode as follows (so that it will open
file upload window)

if (window.event.keycode == 13) window.event.keycode=32. But this is
not working.

Can anyone plz help me.

What about:
if (window.event.keycode == 32){
  // code to fire up your file-upload-thingy.


And if you want people using a real internetbrowser to use your app, I
suggest you change your code so it catches those events too.
window.event is IE only...

Erwin Moller

On May 10, 7:01 pm, Erwin Moller

Thanks a lot. your solution worked well.
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