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Javascript/CSS Font Detector

Hi Group,

I have discovered a technique by which we can be able to detect if a
particular font is present in a user's machine. Below is a brief info
about the script. You can find more info at my website

"Javascript/CSS Font Detector"

This Javascript code can be used to guess if a particular font is
present in the users machine. It uses simple Javascript and some CSS
rules to check whether that font is available. This may be help of
desktop-like web application developers when they want to provide
different skins or fonts preferences to their users. This may also
help various blog skin designers which can provide different fonts for
different users based on the list of fonts that their users have. I
mean with these we dont have to always rely on the most common fonts
always, like Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman etc.

I have also made a working demo of the script:

Please send me your bugs, suggestions, comments.

Lalit Patel

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