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Javascript / Client Side Development

Select an option in a form with javascirpt

In this page by example, I have a form with options to secet the right panel

<select name="" onChange="LoadNextPage(this.selectedIndex,0);Resset=1;">
<option>&nbsp;Bron,V - 1927-1&nbsp;
<option>&nbsp;Bron,V - 1927-2&nbsp;
<option>&nbsp;Bron,V - 1948-6

I would like to open the page http://www.jmrw.com/Chess/Bron/base.htm with a
option of my choice (0, 1, ...,26) from a another page html with
javascript.and not on clicking the label of the option.

I hope my explanations are clear.

I don't know if it is possible but it would be very useful for me.

If you can help me thanks veyr much.


On May 22, 2:08 am, "Tantale" <D@ifrance.com> wrote:


the best thing you can do is the chain events. Because you can change
the selection with javascript but nothing will happen, since the
change does not come from the DOM. Many library allow you to make your
own events.

If you don't mind using MooTools, this framework has a method
fireEvent() [http://docs.mootools.net/Element/Element-Event.js] that
can help you.

May I suggest reading this article: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/javascript/article.php/3471111

It will explain some client side code you will have to implement in
order to pass these variables using javascript.  However, have you
thought about using Server Side Scripting, such as ASP/PHP??

Hope this helps!

On May 22, 2:08 am, "Tantale" <D@ifrance.com> wrote:

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