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Javascript / Client Side Development

The fuel sintaxes of javey roadsters... here comes the long awaited AJAX ease facilitator... SGEMILSON

Oh!, oh!, oh!...
erased (deleted)...
the weird...ness
fuel sintaxes, fuel sintaxes, ahum!
of javey roadsters...
here co...
mes the lon...
g awaited ea...
se facilitator... S....G...E...M..I..L..S.O.N

Longly and lenghtly SGEMILSON comes from SGMLSON wich comes form JASON
This is about embedding your variables into SGML comments.
Is useful to receive via AJAX complex structures.
Format is trivial, parser is trivial:

function parseSGEMILSON(d,q) {
    Everything is a string, and there exists no pre
    evaluation, which means you can use the value
    returned to parseInt(...), or decide to maintain
    it as a string containing line feeds, so without
    ecma errors... or even use this variables to
    transmit JASON structures.
  var idx1, idx2, expr1;
  expr1 = "<!--SGEMILSON::"+q+"::";
  idx1 = d.indexOf(expr1);
  if(idx1 >= -1) {
    idx2 = d.indexOf("-->",idx1+expr1.length);
    if(idx2 >= -1) {
      return d.substring(idx1+expr1.length,idx2);

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