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The print window is not shown when the page contains an iframe in IE6 (XPsp2)

I want to have the print dialog shown automatically after the the page
is loaded, but when I try to call window.print() BEFORE the iframe,
the print dialog is not shown at all. Anyone can help?

Here is my code:

                <title>Auto print the page</title>

                ****** The area in my control START *******
                <script type="text/javascript">window.print()</script>
                ****** The area in my control END *******

                other content out of my control
                <iframe src=""></iframe>

Please note:
1. For some reasons <body onload="window.print()"> is not allowed,
it's out of my control
2. The print dialog should be shown without any other action e.g.
click. So onclick="window.print()" is not allowed.
3. The entire page should be printed, so ExecWB(6,1) &
execCommand("Print") are useless, because they only print the content
BEFORE the calling of ExecWB(6,1) or execCommand("Print")
4. The <iframe> should not be removed or changed, it's out of my
5. It works in Firefox

colinzhu said the following on 5/14/2007 11:11 AM:

window.onload = new Function(){window.print()}

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On May 15, 12:44 am, Randy Webb <HikksNotAtH@aol.com> wrote:

Thanks for your replay, but this method is not allowed also.

I fount a solution today, that is to use:
window.setTimeOut("window.print()", 1) , I don't know why, but it just

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