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java language binding developer wanted for 'libmsgque'


  I'm a the maintainer for the new project 'libmsgque'
  hosted at SF (see below for details) and need a volunteer
  to develop the language bindings for java/javascript .

  Is somebody available to take over this job ?

  An example language binding for tcl is allready available.

  This is the initial announcement:

ANNOUNCE: libmsgque2.3-beta2

The libmsgque project is an infrastructure for linking applications together
to act like a single application. This is done using Unix or inet domain
sockets. The framework handles all aspects of setting up and maintaining
the link in addition to starting and stopping the different applications,
starting and stopping the communication interface, sending and receiving
packages, reading and writing data from or into packages, setting up and
maintaining the event handling for asynchronous transfers, and propagating
warnings or errors.


As usual, it is available from:


This is the initial announcement


First of all it is a framework to link commands together to avoid
the traditional shell pipline using a similar approach as MS PowerShell.

To get more information's please use the following links:

1. an overview about the basic concept:

2. the man page of the tclmsgque extension:


Andreas Otto (aotto1968)

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