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parsing a non-string SOAP return value in Javascript

Hi, I have some Javascript that calls SOAP services using the Mozilla
SOAP client API (Firefox 1.5 and 2.0)

When I call a service that returns a string, it works fine and I can
extract the return value.

However when the SOAP service returns anything else, even as simple as
xsd:int, I am unable to extract the return value from the SOAP
(though I suppose I could traverse the DOM of the SOAP response, but
that seems overkill).

Does anybody know how to do this? An example is at
http://rguha.ath.cx/~rguha/tmp/soap.html - you'll see a popup saying
'Molecular Weight:' - there should be a number after that.

If you step through the JS code, you'll see the response comes back
the number, but I just can't see how I can get at the int value.

Any pointers would be appreciated


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