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somebody help with virtual hosting plaese

Dear all,

I am newbee with virtual hosts, please help !

I am facing a problem with virtual hosting. I want to create virtual
host on my local system before  creating it on server.

We have developped an applicacation on Tomcat 5.5.12  using java,
struts, spring and hibernate.
We are on a continous upgation, and we upgarate our site every
saturday. It will take approximately 1 hour.  So, I want to display a
maintanance page during that upgration.

Is virtual hosting is the solution to this or is there any other
technology for this purpose ?

I have followed steps in tomcat site for creating virtual host.
After I edit my server.xml, I have created 2 folders in conf/Catalina/
with ROOT.xml and manager.xml inside them.
After restarting the tomcat, I am getting blank blank page when i am
accessing manager/html page.

Please help!

Thank you

On 11 May, 10:53, Yash <qayy@gmail.com> wrote:

this is really alt.apache.configuration
the answer is a time dependent rewrite for the duration of the update:
saturday between 1800 and 1900

RewriteCond %{time_wday}%{TIME_HOUR}%{TIME_MIN} >61800
RewriteCond %{time_wday}%{TIME_HOUR}%{TIME_MIN} <61900
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !back_in_one_hour.html$
ReWriteRule .* back_in_one_hour.html  [L]

On May 11, 5:27 pm, shimmyshack <matt.fa@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi shimmyshack,
Thanks for your response.
I want to use this approach to test my application. But I do not know
which files to insert these lines in. Also I am not using apache
server, I am using apache tomcat 5.5.

Also,   I found that while we are updating our application, the
application is not known to tomcat, untill it is completed. So tomcat
sends 503 page as resource not found. I want to know is virtual
hosting is the right way to deal with this issue.

Is it possible to customise the 503 page, so that, for any resource
not found issue, tomcat displays the customised page.
I am trying to set the page in tomcat directory itself. I have gone
through all xml files in tomcat directory, along with xml files in
other directories like conf etc. I did not find any setting for 503
pages. If you know how to set this page. please write me.
Is this solution is appropriate?

Thanks in advance

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