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Javascript / Client Side Development

target a frame from a form list/menu

i'm trying to target a frame from a list/menu form. for example:

i have a list/menu in the top frame:

<form name="form">
        <div align="left">
          <select name="menu" size=13>
            <option value="appfreezes.htm">Application Freezes</
            <option value="officehospitalenv.htm">In an Office /
Hospital Environment</option>
          <input type=button value="Go!"
                  onClick="parent.bottomFrame.menu" name="button">

<frameset rows="*,215" frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0"
  <frame name="mainFrame" src="ErrorTopFrame.htm">
  <frame name="bottomFrame" scrolling="NO" noresize

now I want the user to choose an option, then click the go
button...and the answer will be displayed in the bottom frame.

any help would be appreciated.


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