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What others think of your Laptop?

Compaq c501nr

I'm looking for my first laptop, to be used primarily for email and
word processing, light surfing and occasionally watching a DVD while
on the road for an extended period. I can get a new Compaq c501nr for
under $400 at a local store

A description of the  Compaq c501nr follows:

The 15.4-inch widescreen HP Compaq Presario C501NR is another Windows
Vista Home Basic laptop with the price tag less than $500. Priced at
$499.99 after $100 instant off, it comes jam packed with a 1.73GHz
Intel Celeron M, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, 80GB SATA HDD and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW
combo drive. The C501NR also sports a built-in Ethernet LAN, an
integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics with up to 64MB of shared memory,
and a wireless LAN 802.11b/g and a 56k modem. However, this 6.6 lbs
notebook PC doesn't provide a PCMCIA PC Card slot or an ExpressCard

is this a good deal considering my very basic needs? the salespeople
are trying to talk me out of it because the processor (or its
technology) is "ancient" but I'm not sure why I'd need more. I'd
rather have money in my pocket.

"Joe" <in2d@airpost.net> wrote in message


I think that would be very nice for your needs. You can spend thousands
of dollars and the silly computer will be outdated in no time. So why
spend a lot of money on it anyway? And let's say if it breaks or get
stolen or something? I rather lose a $499 laptop vs. one that costs far
more. And as I say, it is better to buy cheap and more often than to buy
more expensive and less often.

A lot of people here will bash Celeron M CPUs. But they are fine and
don't let others fool you. Most people don't need anything better than
that. As you only have two hands and two eyes, how many keyboards do you
want to use and DVDs do you want to watch at one time? These power and
speed freaks who needs the best are just nuts IMHO. But thanks to them,
they drive the equipment I love so much cheaper. :)



On May 8, 11:26 am, "BillW50" <Bill@aol.kom> wrote:

I dont understand why they put Vista in these things though...that
does seem stupid. But other than that it appeals to me

"Joe" <in2d@airpost.net> wrote in message


Yes me either. As before Windows 98SE machine were still being sold long
after Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines where being sold. Although
sadly it isn't happening this time around. I guess Microsoft learned
they can sell extra copies of Windows XP this way, damn it! :(


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