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Monster iClean and Dell TrueLife Glossy Screen

Does anyone out there use Monster iClean screen cleaner to clean a
Dell Inspiron 1505 Laptop TrueLife (glossy) screen?  I bought the
cleaner on line but there is a disclaimer on the label not to use it
if the manufacturer recommends soap and water only.   Dell will not
say yes or no, nor will Monster give me any kind of definitive
answer.  They did say it is a mild soap and does not contain any
alcohol.  I used it on another (older) laptop with a matte screen and
it worked just fine, but I don't want to damage my relatively new
Dell.   The companies are of course concerned about product
liability.  I just want to hear from a regular user if it works or

If not, how should I clean the screen?  This site has lots of answers
but I didn't find one pertaining to my specific case.


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