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What others think of your Laptop?

Toshiba P100-S9772 Anyone ???

It seems that this top-of-the-line Toshiba gaming machine is only available
via Toshiba Direct.  Does anyone actually have one of these?  Your comments
would be appreciated.
I don't have the 9772 but I do have the 9412 and it's very fast but very
heavy. It came with 1gig a 512 mb 7900 gtx and a 7200 rpm hd.
When I first got it in oct 06 it would sometimes lock up for a few seconds
in Far Cry or Halo but it would continue after about 20 to 30 seconds
(Deadly in either shooter).  but after a while it seems to have stopped
doing it. I've heard this about the Toshiba gaming laptops before and noone
seems to know what causes it.
The 17" screen is very nice, the hard drive is sometimes loud, and in some
games the machine gets a bit hot. I hardly use the touchpad as I bought a G5
which I also have on my desktop. Best mouse I've ever used.
It runs just about any game or app I throw at it. I like it and it's cheaper
than the Dell but I probably should have bought a 15" laptop. As I said
before it is heavy.
But I haven't been sorry.

"Paul Lee" <non@noneone.com> wrote in message


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