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Toshiba Satellite M35X power problem (again)


As the title indicates, I suffer from the infamous M35X power jack
problem. If you dont know what this is, the power jack inside the
toshiba satellite m35x easily cracks at the board and needs to be
soldered back on to get a solid connection. details found here

Anywho, if you are reading this then you probably know the details. I
was actually able to resolder the pin so that is working now! when the
laptop is off i get the power and battery light just as i should. The
real problem arrises after turning the laptop on...

After turning it on, every time i can hear the fan and the hard drive
rev up, just like i should...but the screen just remains black, not
even lighting up. I cant eject the cd tray either. the blue light
around the power button doesnt light up, but i can live with it.

Obviously there is a power problem somewhere in the laptop, It seems
that shortly after starting up, power is dropped to the motherboard
and the monitor and everything else just shuts off...this seems odd to
me because in the front, the power-on light remains lit, so do the AC
power and battery lights.

SOMETIMES  the computer will boot up normally and get all the way into
windows, before the power is finally dropped and the screen goes

The computer belongs to my boss, so i'm hoping i can get it back soon.


On May 13, 3:10 am, Bret <bpotter@gmail.com> wrote:

I had the same issue. Call Toshiba and ask for an rma They will give
you a case number and will pay for shipping! They will replace the
motherboard and probably re-image your hard drive, so backup your
Good luck!
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