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IT Job Openings ( USA - NY)

NYC- Snr UNIX Admin,Open$$$ Linux, UNIX, Solaris, architect, IGP / EGP.

Principal Unix & Network Administrator / Unix Admin
Location: New York, NY
Salary/Rate: Open.

Senior unix & network admin / administrator to lead and provide
high level UNIX and networking support; responsible for the management and
administration of multiple Linux and UNIX servers and of international
Conduct Solaris and Linux related research projects and be instrumental in
architecting new technology.

Degree, or higher. Minimum 10+ years relevant experience.
Extensive knowledge of multiple UNIX operating systems.
Expert knowledge in IGP and EGP routing protocols.
Strong programming and scripting skills.
Strong in all facets of UNIX with excellent networking skills.

email: jphill@energyplacement.com

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