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IT Job Openings ( USA - NY)

US-NJ: PARSIPPANY-Market Data Engineer/JAS

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Job Title:     Market Data Engineer/JAS
Job Location:  NJ: PARSIPPANY
Pay Rate:      100K
Job Length:    full time
Start Date:    2007-04-29

Company Name:  Shain Associates
Contact:       John Santiago
Phone:         732-248-8222
Fax:           732-248-1082

Description:   Basic Function:
The Market Data Engineering role consists maintaining the data and operational integrity of the Reuters Triarch/RMDS and Wombat market data distribution systems in the region.
The Engineer is responsible for insuring that all functions of the Reuters and Wombat market data distribution system (which is defined as the system for the distribution of market data be it vendor or internally-generated data) and the required backup contingencies are available, and that any problems that arise are addressed as quickly as possible and are documented in Major Problem Bulletins (MPB.)
In response to emerging local requirements, the engineer will need to specify the configuration of site-specific solutions. These designs and their implementation will be conducted in a globally consistent way via the global engineering fortnightly meeting process.
MDS operations engineers may be requested to implement technical evaluations of new products and Global Engineering Product Evaluation tests prior to their introduction into the production infrastructure. These variable-sized projects are initiated and coordinated by the MDS Global Engineering Group.
Primary Responsibility:
1.      Ensure that Reuters Triarch/RMDS, Wombat  and the networked MDS environment are operational, reliable, and are maintained to specifications as designated in by the MDS Global Engineering.
2.      Compile monthly metrics and provide reports that measure the operational integrity of the MDS system.
3.      Monitor the system for market data utilization and participate in capacity planning exercises with the Global Engineering Group.
4.      Participate in global version control programs and roll-outs of new products and/or services.
5.      Local Project management responsibility for the local deployment of strategic global MDS projects.
6.      Assist in testing and evaluations of projects coordinated by MDS Global Engineering
7.      Assist integral groups with the implementation and operation of bank proprietary systems, which include an understanding of the MDS architecture, and system API.
8.      Provide technical support for the production market data system, which includes Bloomberg, Reuters Dealing 3000, Instinet, Track Data, Reuters Data Feed and Bridge Feed and other networked delivered services such as Electronic Communication Networks (ECN).  Resolve outages as expeditiously as possible involving vendor support if warranted.  Provide regular updates to CS, MDS management and the client on major outages.
9.      Coordinate with other Bear Stearns disciplines (Networks, Distributed Computing, Customer Services, et al ) for the operational integrity of the MDS system and deployment or expansion of the MDS system
10.     Act as point of contact with vendors for problem resolution on the MDS system.
11.     Report system/software bugs discovered to Global Engineering.

Other Responsibilities:
Participate in the global MDS engineering meeting and web-based coordination process to foster solution and design sharing, global reporting of bugs, and global consistency.
Participate in Projects directed by the MDS Regional Operations Manager.
Participate in vendor change and testing as directed by MDS engineering.

Skills Required:
    Experience with maintaining trading floor market data delivery systems.
    Skilled at maintaining Reuters Triarch/RMDS,and Wombat direct exchange feed systems.
    Intermediate knowledge of UNIX: command syntax, i/o redirection, file system, scripting language and text editor.
    Intermediate knowledge of NT client and server and familiarity with DHCP, WinInstall and SMS.
    Trained and certified for Sybase administration (Desirable).
    Working knowledge of data communications as it relates RS232, modems, DSUs, and data circuits.
    Working knowledge of networks (LAN and WAN issues).
    Basic PC skills including Word and Excel, and Knowledge of MS Access .
    Ability to interface and maintain excellent working relationships with traders, other IT staff and vendors.
    Knowledge of Reuters Data Feed, direct exchange and ECN feeds (.ie  NASDAQ, BRUT, INET,..etc)
    Ability to maintain composure under pressure and to communicate effectively with business and IT management regarding outages and problems.
    Ability to learn quickly in a fast paced environment.

    Knowledge of Reuters front end applications, such as Reuters 3000 Xtra including Power Plus Pro and KOBRA, DACS systems.

    In addition, the following skills would be beneficial:

    Knowledge of stand-alone market data systems desirable including Bloomberg, Reuters Dealing, EBS and others.
    Previous experience with the technical support of market data trading floor products including Bloomberg, Dealing 3000, EBS, Reuters Plus, CQG, ECN terminals and others

Business Need:
This position is required to insure the operational integrity of the Triarch/RMDS market data distribution network. Fulfillment of this position is required to provide operation support coverage as agreed in our Service Level Agreement with the CDOs.

Please refer to Job code JAS when responding to this ad.

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