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IT Job Openings ( USA - NY)

US-NY: Brooklyn-Specialist II

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Job Title:     Specialist II
Job Location:  NY: Brooklyn
Pay Rate:      Open
Job Length:    over 1 year (contract)
Start Date:    2007-04-25

Company Name:  Auburn Technical Services Group Inc
Contact:       Rocco Zappia
Phone:         212 244 3366
Fax:           212 244 1118

Description:   Eight experience full time TCP/IP Telecommunications, 8 years experience with Nortel Contact Center and IVR systems software integration also 8 years experience with Nortel CSE2100, Nortel MG1000 connectivity . 8 years experience in VOIP. Extensive knowledge of Fiber Optics including DWDM. Knowledge of network configurations and wiring systems. Familiarity with human services policies and procedures.

Please refer to Job code SD002 when responding to this ad.

For FASTEST PROCESSING of your resume, please visit http://www.jobcircle.com/classifieds/716801.html?source=ng to apply online.

For fastest processing of your resume, this employer asks that
you apply to this job using the URL above.

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