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IT Job Openings ( USA - NY)

US-NY: NYC-Mortgage Backed Securities

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Job Title:     Mortgage Backed Securities
Job Location:  NY: NYC
Pay Rate:      Open
Job Length:    full time
Start Date:    2007-05-01

Company Name:  JRA Inc.
Contact:       Barry Klasson
Phone:         212-584-9160 x218
Fax:           212-584-9161

Description:   Requirements:

- Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree in Computer Science or Information Technology (and/or equivalent experience).

- 2-15+ years of Software Development experience.

- 2+ years of experience in ASP.Net, ADO.Net and C#/C++.

- Strong SQL Server skills.

- Experience developing applications using INTEX.

- Experience developing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Webservices.

- Advanced Coding skills.

- Ability to develop and review Process Flows.

- Excellent analytical and verbal/written communication skills.

- Experience with Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) / ABS / CDO applications.

- Experience with Loan Level Databases.

- Experience with Portfolio Management Systems.

Please refer to Job code Mortgage when responding to this ad.

For FASTEST PROCESSING of your resume, please visit http://www.jobcircle.com/classifieds/700270.html?source=ng to apply online.

For fastest processing of your resume, this employer asks that
you apply to this job using the URL above.

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