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IT Job Openings ( USA - NY)

US-NY: New York-Senior Systems Security Administrator

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Job Title:     Senior Systems Security Administrator
Job Location:  NY: New York
Pay Rate:      $80-85K/year
Job Length:    full time
Start Date:    2007-03-05

Company Name:  Magnet Group, Inc.
Contact:       res@magnetgrp.com
Phone:         res@magnetgrp.com
Fax:           res@magnetgrp.com

Description:   Under general direction, the Senior Systems Security Administrator performs a variety of complex professional duties in providing information systems and technology support for the achievement of company mission and objectives.


* Monitor, oversee, review, implement and support audits of security standards, procedures and controls for multiple platforms and diverse systems environment
* Monitor user and system compliance with the organization's information security policies and procedures among all employees, contractors, alliances, and other third parties
* Respond to and make corrective actions to issues identified in periodic information security risk assessments for all systems, controls or procedures in order to eliminate or minimize identified risks
* Proficient in a wide range of security concepts, including access control, multi-factor authentication, identity management, layered security, trust relationships, and system and network hardening
* Oversee and/or perform penetration testing of all systems in order to identify system vulnerabilities
* Oversee the investigation of security breaches, and escalate all findings to Management
* Monitor, oversee, review, implement all security systems and their corresponding software, OS patches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and anti-virus software
* Monitor server logs, intrusion detection logs, and network traffic for unusual or suspicious activity. Interpret activity and implement plans for resolution
* Ensure that the appropriate patches, hot fixes, and service packs are installed on company-owned or licensed software in a timely manner
* Function as the prime interface to both internal/external auditors and outside consultants as appropriate
* Engage in personal professional development to stay current with the demands of the position; is a positive influence for the effective use of technology and performs additional related duties as assigned by Technical Operations.
* Participate in 24x7 support and on-call rotation as required.

Required Skills

* Working knowledge of RSA/cleartrust/Sercure ID
* Practical experience with LAN/WAN network administration;
* Project management and documentation skills;
* High level of initiative and dedication;
* Working knowledge of Patch Management Functionality
* Outstanding customer service and interaction skills, as well as excellent verbal and written communications skills;
* Demonstrated ability to be a team player and willingness to lend a hand with any project;
* MCSA 2003 + security required;
* Ability to solve problems quickly and completely;
* Able to see activities and tasks through to completion.


* A degree in computer science or a related field;
* GIAC certification in GISF;
* Understanding and knowledge of script programming languages;
* 5 years experience in administering 2000/2003, XP and Unix environment;

Required Experience

5+ years of hands-on experience with Security and applications in a Microsoft networked environment.

High level of expertise in the following areas:

* Deep knowledge of ISS Realsecure and Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDS) 4200 series
* Broad hands-on knowledge of system, network and security components, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, data encryption, and other industry-standard techniques and practices.
* Strong knowledge of IP, TCP/IP, and other network administration protocols, including their vulnerabilities and solutions.

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