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Perl Programming Language

DCC Chat in irssi.

Can someone walk me through managing DCC Chat sessions using perl in
irssi, or show me a site that can help? I checked the irssi site, which
is how I got the 'signals' I'll show below.

Specifically, what I'm trying to do is make a sort of game bot that uses
DCC Chat (multiple lines without flooding ftw). I know how to intercept
a DCC Chat message in the script, but not how to use it. Here's the
script I've got at the moment (the relevant part, anyway):

 >signal_add("message dcc", "onCHAT");
 >sub onCHAT {
 >  print "onCHAT: @_";
 >  my ($dcc, $message) = @_;
 >  print "onCHAT; DCC: $dcc Message: $message";
 >  return;

And the output from that:

 >onCHAT; DCC: Irssi::Irc::Dcc::Chat=HASH(0x82b209c) Message: Testing.

Is there a way to get the username or IP or something from $dcc there?
If so, how do I send a DCC Chat message to the user in response? The
similar output from the "message dcc own" signal isn't much help:

 >onCHATOWN; DCC: Irssi::Irc::Dcc::Chat=HASH(0x82b2054) Message: testing

I notice that the HASH() number changes with the time of the message,
but I don't know the significance of that. Any help?


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