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Perl Programming Language

78949 FAQ 6.14 How can I print out a word-frequency or line-frequency summary?
78948 What's the point of these lines of code?
78947 FAQ 6.13 How do I process each word on each line?
78946 FAQ 7.6 What's an extension?
78945 FAQ 6.17 Why don't word-boundary searches with "\b" work for me?
78944 module for word analysis
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78942 listing all available methods
78941 FAQ 6.16 How do I efficiently match many regular expressions at once?
78940 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
78939 Perl and German Umlauts
78938 localtime(time())
78937 Multiple substitutions with Regexp::Common?
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78935 running dot files
78934 Using "Perl Best Practices" inside-out objects
78933 how to create multiple zip files that are no larger than 2 Gb each
78932 The Pure Joy of Receiving PayPal Money
78931 copy help.
78930 Apache+Perl Net::SMTP Strange problem
78929 How move figure entity to splited files
78927 Perl initiated SSL handshake using MSWindows key storage certificate
78926 FAQ 6.11 Can I use Perl regular expressions to match balanced text?
78925 FAQ 5.31 How do I do a "tail -f" in perl?
78924 FAQ 7.12 What's a closure?
78923 FAQ 7.19 Why doesn't "my($foo) = <FILE>;" work right?
78922 FAQ 6.7 How can I match a locale-smart version of "/[a-zA-Z]/"?
78921 FAQ 7.11 How can I tell if a variable is tainted?
78920 FAQ 6.23 How do I match a regular expression that's in a variable?
78919 FAQ 7.22 How do I create a switch or case statement?
78918 FAQ 7.24 Why can't a method included in this same file be found?
78917 FAQ 4.54 Why does defined() return true on empty arrays and hashes?
78916 Store Object Class in DBM Hash
78915 Simple Regular Expression Help
78914 Storing Object in DBM Hash
78913 Read the text from an Application Window
78912 FAQ 5.37 How do I select a random line from a file?
78911 Test harness for scripts?
78910 FAQ 6.1 How can I hope to use regular expressions without creating illegible and unmaintainable code?
78909 regular expressions?
78908 encoding problem on Tk entry widget
78907 Modifying $_ in "map", with an array containing a gap...
78906 FAQ 6.21 What's wrong with using grep in a void context?
78905 Watch Television online for free.
78904 FAQ 6.15 How can I do approximate matching?
78903 Problem with perl group capture.
78902 Sorting Hash by Value and Key
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78900 FAQ 7.8 How do I declare/create a structure?
78899 Mod_perl and Signals
78898 Setting up YaBB Perl forum - weird respond as plain text in browser, including headers
78897 FAQ 7.7 Why do Perl operators have different precedence than C operators?
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78894 FAQ 6.9 What is "/o" really for?
78893 Calling alarm more than once
78892 Year in two digits; Time with leading zero
78891 Tracking the RTP Packets Send.
78890 FAQ 5.29 How can I read a single character from a file? From the keyboard?
78889 Inserting text into a HTML file using Perl
78888 Checking the syntax of Perl code
78887 List of sample Build::Module Build.PL
78886 CGI.pm filefield return is inconsistent between I.E and Opera/Firefox
78885 FAQ 7.20 How do I redefine a builtin function, operator, or method?
78884 Escaping backslashes in 'HERE documents'?
78883 data table using
78882 FAQ 5.23 How do I randomly update a binary file?
78881 FAQ 5.33 How do I close a file descriptor by number?
78880 FAQ 7.23 How can I catch accesses to undefined variables, functions, or methods?
78879 FAQ 5.34 Why can't I use "C:\temp\foo" in DOS paths? Why doesn't `C:\temp\foo.exe` work?
78878 Interpreter Threads: Passing nested objects to a thread
78877 FAQ 5.25 How do I set a file's timestamp in perl?
78876 FAQ 7.15 How do I create a static variable?
78875 Catching SIGALRM in a thread
78874 FAQ 6.8 How can I quote a variable to use in a regex?
78873 ExtUtils::MakeMaker - how to distribute CGI script?
78872 FAQ 6.4 I put a regular expression into $/ but it didn't work. What's wrong?
78871 How to let perl debugger use a GNU screen window when fork()'ing ?
78870 FAQ 7.5 How do I temporarily block warnings?
78869 FAQ 7.18 What's the difference between deep and shallow binding?
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78867 Passing variables into another script
78866 executing an sql statement in perl
78865 Unicode in regexp
68704 ASX parser module?
68703 looking for perl professionals
68702 Parsing a text file line-by-line: skipping badly-formed lines?
68701 Dynamic page break
68700 =// Homeland Security on High Alert!!!!
68699 Net::SSH2 - Authentication without a password?
68698 execute current PL script in kdevelop on FC5/KDE
68697 About regular expression question
68696 FAQ 4.38 Why don't my <<HERE documents work?
68695 cpan -- suppress questions
68694 cpan errors with "Undefined subroutine &Compress::Zlib::gzopen"
68693 FAQ 5.13 How can I translate tildes (~) in a filename?
68692 Diff Files contaning regex pattern string
68691 Diff files with regex comparing
68690 FAQ 6.5 How do I substitute case insensitively on the LHS while preserving case on the RHS?
68689 Creating Packages
68688 FAQ 5.38 Why do I get weird spaces when I print an array of lines?
68687 look
68686 FAQ 4.72 How do I keep persistent data across program calls?
68685 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
68684 How to restart all hashes and arrays halfway through script
68683 Identify if a scalar is int, double or text
68682 Process supervision and exception
68681 FAQ 4.58 How can I know how many entries are in a hash?
68680 Perl regularexpression problem with the Input file
68679 Solve a statistics problem
68678 Script to compare two directory structures
68677 Why does this cookie set?
68676 Firefox -- browsing activity logger?
68675 FAQ 4.47 How do I handle circular lists?
68674 use warnings and -w behaviour
68672 FAQ 4.45 How do I find the first array element for which a condition is true?
68671 FAQ 5.2 How do I change, delete, or insert a line in a file, or append to the beginning of a file?
68670 Trouble with printing newlines to a file
68669 Regular Expression Question
68668 FAQ 5.18 How can I reliably rename a file?
68667 Perl Tutorial With Exercises
68666 FAQ 4.57 How do I look up a hash element by value?
68665 Creating .txt/.html file using perl script
68664 FAQ 5.20 Why can't I just open(FH, ">file.lock")?
68663 How can I search and replace a string while preserving (not removing) trailing spaces?
68662 FAQ 5.15 Why do I sometimes get an "Argument list too long" when I use <*>?
68661 suggestions on intelligent processing of data sets in a file
68660 SOAP::Lite, encode and special characters
68659 FAQ 4.55 How do I process an entire hash?
68658 document/literal style SOAP:Lite service
68657 temp file creation in perl 5.0
68656 Please give me a good "rule-of-thumb" for back-slashing in character classes
68655 Using SSH and Expect to return STDOUT output from a C executable
68654 I'd like to create an array of unique values
68653 Can't spawn "cmd.exe" error while using system
68652 DBD::Oracle, tracing, and stored procedures...
68651 FAQ 5.11 How can I write() into a string?
68650 variable question
68649 FAQ 5.16 Is there a leak/bug in glob()?
68648 Including executable files in a subdirectory
68647 perl module developer wanted for 'libmsgque'
68646 FAQ 4.73 How do I print out or copy a recursive data structure?
68645 Any way to access global variable in Perl script from one module file?
68644 Forcing CPAN to ncftp??
68643 How do I create a new text file with utf-8 encoding
68642 FAQ 4.62 Why don't my tied hashes make the defined/exists distinction?
68641 Reason for specified Error Occurence
68640 warnings dilemma
68639 Data structure problem to solve Linux memory fault
68638 FAQ 4.63 How do I reset an each() operation part-way through?
68637 Problems setting value in MLDBM created database
68636 makefile shows wrong perl version
68635 FAQ 4.74 How do I define methods for every class/object?
68634 How to concatenate cookies
64554 FAQ 4.41 How can I remove duplicate elements from a list or array?
64553 Data Structure help (hash/array)
64552 FAQ 5.9 How can I use a filehandle indirectly?
64551 Comparing objects for equality
64550 Using Expect.pm
64549 FAQ 5.17 How can I open a file with a leading ">" or trailing blanks?
64548 How to change the comparsion criteria of diff?
64547 FAQ 5.22 All I want to do is append a small amount of text to the end of a file. Do I still have to use locking?
64546 Action before clicking a link
64545 Determine whether a thread is still running in Perl 5.8.8 with "interpreter threads"
64544 FAQ 4.49 How do I process/modify each element of an array?
64543 Using an array to search a text file
64542 How to Run/Convert(?) Script Built on 5.8.4 to 5.004
64541 parsing a variable length record from a mixed format file
64540 Click link to go to routine
64539 FAQ 4.52 How do I sort an array by (anything)?
64538 Converting 4 bytes to a float
64537 FAQ 4.48 How do I shuffle an array randomly?
64536 A question about lists
64535 Retrieving only the text portion of a web page
64534 Can not add a scalar variable of path into @INC?
64533 FAQ 4.67 Why does passing a subroutine an undefined element in a hash create it?
64532 convert a bitmap file into a jpg file ?
64531 FAQ 4.76 How do I pack arrays of doubles or floats for XS code?
64530 Web Forms / Perl / SPAM detection
64529 File::Grep
64528 Hash vs. Hash ref
64527 FAQ 4.66 How can I make my hash remember the order I put elements into it?
64526 Why stay with lisp when there are python and perl?
64525 remove html to leave text
64524 selecting particular form with field
64523 FAQ 4.69 How can I use a reference as a hash key?
64522 Double backslash behavior not as expected
64521 octal and hex
64520 Downloading a .exe file with Apache and Perl
64519 FAQ 5.5 How can I copy a file?
64518 2 array problem
64517 Chained exceptions in Perl
64516 Populating an array from a mysql select
64515 Perl code explaination help needed!
64514 Question about Perl
64513 FAQ 4.36 How can I expand variables in text strings?
64512 Redirecting stdout without the use of IO::String
64511 Insert Multiple Lines after a Specified Line -- Please Help!

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