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Perl Programming Language

64510 FAQ 5.7 How can I manipulate fixed-record-length files?
64509 how does one use tuplespaces with perl? link..
64508 FAQ 5.21 I still don't get locking. I just want to increment the number in the file. How can I do this?
64507 Link Matching
64506 appropriate module/hints on how to solve the following problem?
64505 ~~~ Free Flash Games ~~~ .
64504 FAQ 4.60 How can I always keep my hash sorted?
64503 FAQ 4.39 What is the difference between a list and an array?
64502 eval problem!
64501 Select from drop down menu multipel times in the same form
64500 FAQ 5.19 How can I lock a file?
64499 FAQ 4.68 How can I make the Perl equivalent of a C structure/C++ class/hash or array of hashes or arrays?
64498 need a quick script
64497 FAQ 4.75 How do I verify a credit card checksum?
64496 how to join array into array
64495 how to convert the following ASP code to perl code
64494 FAQ 4.50 How do I select a random element from an array?
64493 Home-built Twirling Bar Between Multiple System Calls
64492 FAQ 4.42 How can I tell whether a certain element is contained in a list or array?
64491 Skype 1.4 Alpha released for linux.
64490 Website programming (search + statistics)
64489 FAQ 5.3 How do I count the number of lines in a file?
64488 Multiple copy and paste thing in Perl
64487 advice on matching nested pattern?
64486 Emacs modules for Perl programming
64485 FAQ 4.70 How do I handle binary data correctly?
64484 Separate Javascipt code from pure Perl code
64483 Custom Software Development
64482 FAQ 4.64 How can I get the unique keys from two hashes?
64481 perl out of memory
64480 ignorance and intolerance in computing communties
64479 what is "}{"?
64478 FAQ 4.59 How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)?
64477 Help on expanding variable from sh
64476 Perl6, Perl5, and CPAN
64475 Perl & SMS Question
64474 FAQ 5.10 How can I set up a footer format to be used with write()?
64473 Help with Pattern matching. Matching multiple lines from while reading from a file.
60337 CGI module redirect defaults to 302 -- why?
60336 I find the perl syntax easier than python
60335 FAQ 4.56 What happens if I add or remove keys from a hash while iterating over it?
60334 Where are good places to post resumes?
60333 FAQ 4.71 How do I determine whether a scalar is a number/whole/integer/float?
60332 Perl threads in Object Oriented code
60331 CFP: ISMM'07
60330 hello world with perl
60329 Online Mafia Kills 13 drive by shootings
60328 FAQ 4.51 How do I permute N elements of a list?
60327 FAQ 4.43 How do I compute the difference of two arrays? How do I compute the intersection of two arrays?
60326 FAQ 5.14 How come when I open a file read-write it wipes it out?
60325 Sockets
60324 FAQ 4.46 How do I handle linked lists?
60323 PERL OOP newbie question: What is the best way to handle array data?
60322 FAQ 4.37 What's wrong with always quoting "$vars"?
60321 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
60320 system call - how-to.
60319 FAQ 5.8 How can I make a filehandle local to a subroutine? How do I pass filehandles between subroutines? How do I make an array of filehandles?
60318 Access hash of hashes element problem.
60317 using split to extract characters
60316 FAQ 4.61 What's the difference between "delete" and "undef" with hashes?
60315 Install Mail::RBL failed in CPAN, how to fix it?
60314 capturing STDOUT from and piped "into" program
60313 Dynamic DNS management
60312 A Web Development QUICK LINK PAGE (QLP) - HTML, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, CGI, etc.
60311 FAQ 5.1 How do I flush/unbuffer an output filehandle? Why must I do this?
60310 how to execute external file in script
60309 FAQ 4.65 How can I store a multidimensional array in a DBM file?
57421 finding invalid method names
57420 FAQ 4.13 How do I find the current century or millennium?
57419 Perl routine for cluster detection
57418 Crystal Concepts offering PHP-MYSQL & JAVA/J2EE
57417 FAQ 4.44 How do I test whether two arrays or hashes are equal?
57416 How to handling string contains single quote and double quote
57415 FAQ 4.33 How do I pad a string with blanks or pad a number with zeroes?
57414 How to open and read pdf file in Perl.
57413 Can a network client specify an IP on the source side?
57412 perl newbie
57411 Rounding up to the next .5
57410 FAQ 4.53 How do I manipulate arrays of bits?
57409 Problem with Image::Info
57408 FAQ 5.4 How can I use Perl's "-i" option from within a program?
57407 Lawyer Resources
57406 FAQ 5.6 How do I make a temporary file name?
57405 perl Write filehandle blocks.
57404 Interval Timers on Windows
57403 FAQ 4.40 What is the difference between $array[1] and @array[1]?
57402 Using one methods variable value in another method inside a module
57401 a problem about function returning point
57400 Login page perl/CGI
57399 FAQ 4.22 How do I expand function calls in a string?
57398 video lectures on C, C++, Java, Python and other programming and Computer science.
57397 translating MS Word codes using regexps
57396 Help installing a module... :S
57395 FAQ 4.16 How can I find the Julian Day?
57394 Passing a single hash to a sub
57393 Font question
57392 The Perl Journal
57391 Samba file access checking?
57390 FAQ 5.12 How can I output my numbers with commas added?
57389 Weird error after a configuration change
57388 FAQ 4.25 How do I expand tabs in a string?
57387 Re-inventing the wheel, same hash, three scripts
57386 How to trigger garbage collection
57385 Compiling Perl with ICC vs GCC - Benchmarks
57384 Relative path wont work when opening a file for writing
57383 How to parse text file into hash table
57382 Reading a ctime formatted date
57381 FAQ 4.19 How do I validate input?
57380 How to retrieve the Perl script returned value in C program? Many thanks
57379 Cant open a file with just a relative path
57378 Management of Enterprise Computing
57377 How to execute a SQL select???? (successfully that is!)
57376 FAQ 4.29 How can I count the number of occurrences of a substring within a string?
57375 signal HANDLER in perl
57374 passing objects to threads
57373 2D array values got replaced error
57372 FAQ 4.14 How can I compare two dates and find the difference?
57371 trying to generate integer from string
57370 FAQ 4.5 How do I convert between numeric representations/bases/radixes?
57369 Use of constant inside a module?
57368 New freeware Win hex calculator here
57367 multiline CSV records (comma-separated values format)
57366 Perl module to send mail with Attachments
57365 FAQ 4.17 How do I find yesterday's date?
57364 parse with multiple delimiter
57363 STDOUT redirection
57362 SQL error .... Can anyone tell me what's going wrong please??
57361 FAQ 4.8 How do I perform an operation on a series of integers?
57360 FAQ 4.26 How do I reformat a paragraph?
57359 FAQ 4.15 How can I take a string and turn it into epoch seconds?
57358 Could not find ParserDetails.ini...
57357 use one subroutine's variable value in another subroutine inside a module.
57356 SQL statement in Perl doesn't work
57355 UTF8 European characters in MySQL
57354 Determining difference from Vista32 and Vista64
57353 Readable/writable database in Perl
57352 FAQ 4.24 How do I reverse a string?
57351 Correlating Data from same .csv, line by line
57350 Cat file a to *.xls files
57349 FAQ 4.27 How can I access or change N characters of a string?
57348 regular expression for wc
57347 How solve this error
57346 A regular expression query
57345 FAQ 4.32 How do I strip blank space from the beginning/end of a string?
57344 System process failed to die on Windows Server 2003
57343 file name length must not exceed 260 characters...
57342 FAQ 4.9 How can I output Roman numerals?
57341 graemesmith2@youbanking.com
57340 grep causes internal server error
57339 FAQ 4.23 How do I find matching/nesting anything?
57338 FAQ 4.7 How do I multiply matrices?
57337 Problem with Read() in PerlMagick
57336 Perl parent-child communication.
57335 work at home from internet.and earn 4000USD every month
50878 FAQ 4.30 How do I capitalize all the words on one line?
50877 Suppress warning
50876 perldoc perllocal
50875 Manipulate fields
50874 FAQ 4.21 How do I remove consecutive pairs of characters?
50873 Syslog problem on Solaris 2.9
50872 FAQ 4.31 How can I split a [character] delimited string except when inside [character]?
50871 Emacs modules for Perl programming
50870 FAQ 4.3 Why isn't my octal data interpreted correctly?
50869 help in development
50868 use POSIX qw(ceil floor)
50867 FAQ 4.4 Does Perl have a round() function? What about ceil() and floor()? Trig functions?
50866 FAQ 4.20 How do I unescape a string?
50865 A simple photosharing application written in perl
50864 DB Module installation issue in Perl
50863 FAQ 4.11 How do I get a random number between X and Y?
50862 Data munging, the choices available.
50861 Mail contents of text file
50860 FAQ 4.28 How do I change the Nth occurrence of something?
50859 Download multiple email attachments in single file
50858 FAQ 4.34 How do I extract selected columns from a string?
50857 $ENV HOME on windows
50856 FAQ 4.10 Why aren't my random numbers random?
50855 How to get the variable name, not values?
50854 adding a variable name to a hash to name is part of the variable name
50853 ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ??????? ?????
50852 ???? " ????? " ??? ?????? ????? ?)
50851 FAQ 4.12 How do I find the day or week of the year?
50850 FAQ 4.18 Does Perl have a Year 2000 problem? Is Perl Y2K compliant?
50849 im
50848 The Hack of bitmask used as Predicate Parameters
50847 Newbie queston on Perl and lex.
50846 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
50845 FAQ 4.35 How do I find the soundex value of a string?
50844 Share objects between processes - how?
50843 I have problem with POP3Client&Sendmail Module, Please Help.
50842 Using a Perl program to send different images depending upon the user
50841 Filehandle Pipe Problem?
50840 regex upper and lower case
50839 FAQ 2.9 What are the Perl newsgroups on Usenet? Where do I post questions?
50838 Asynchronous perl execution
50837 My script to download YouTube videos (critique wanted)
50836 FAQ 4.1 Why am I getting long decimals (eg, 19.9499999999999) instead of the numbers I should be getting (eg, 19.95)?
50835 Script to know who clicked a link?
50834 Toggle between hot filehandles question
50833 Top Turds of comp.lang.perl.misc (2007)

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