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Perl Programming Language

50832 Continuous communication between user, CGI script and server
50831 How to interchange a handle and a scalar?
50830 FAQ 3.30 What's MakeMaker?
50829 Search Replace using Hash -p0777
50828 capture voice and send it
50827 add URL within start_form
50826 FAQ 3.13 How can I use curses with Perl?
50825 FAQ 3.27 Where can I learn about linking C with Perl?
50824 Help with understanding/using dispatch tables
50823 CGI::Cookie problem
50822 FAQ 1.7 How stable is Perl?
50821 My Perl Ode to Purl Gurl
50820 Net::FTPSSL
50819 FAQ 2.3 I don't have a C compiler. How can I build my own Perl interpreter?
50818 perl regular expression
50817 FAQ 3.7 How do I cross-reference my Perl programs?
50816 Can anyone see why this skips the remaining username/pass hash elements
50815 Extracting text between two market lines. (FAQ variation?)
50814 How to change decimal point ',' to decimal comma ','
50813 FAQ 1.12 What's the difference between "perl" and "Perl"?
50812 XML parsing using PERL.... URGENT
50811 perl print form without linefeeds
50810 Splitting a string with placeholders
50809 FAQ 3.29 When I tried to run my script, I got this message. What does it mean?
50808 Illegal seek
50807 Where did cgi-bin go?
50806 FAQ 2.6 What modules and extensions are available for Perl? What is CPAN? What does CPAN/src/... mean?
50805 Open an existing DB_Ffile file failed
50804 Which is the best FREE forum?
50803 shoppingkicks.com Shop nike air jordan air force 1 dunk sb bape sta shoes
50802 FAQ 2.4 I copied the perl binary from one machine to another, but scripts don't work.
50801 XML::Parse dies hard
50800 Help with nested pattern.
50799 FAQ 3.9 Is there a ctags for Perl?
50798 FAQ 3.6 How do I profile my Perl programs?
50797 Running perl scripts on the fly
50796 What does 'grep -M' do?
50795 FAQ 3.12 Where can I get perl-mode for emacs?
50794 ActiveState vs. "C:\Program Files\" and "C:\Progra~1\"
50793 FAQ 2.16 Where do I send bug reports?
50792 looking for some size optimization
50791 FAQ 1.1 What is Perl?
50790 perl.h seems to interfere with fopen or stdio.h
50789 see how to repair and maintain our pc by ouerselves
50788 is laziness a programer's virtue?
50787 FAQ 1.13 Is it a Perl program or a Perl script?
50786 FAQ 2.11 Perl Books
50785 why must you compile C with embeded perl the same way?
50784 %s in variable, how to work correctly?
50783 Error connecting to remote database
50782 UTF16 input file to ISO-8859-1 output
50781 FAQ 1.3 Which version of Perl should I use?
50780 FAQ 3.20 How can I hide the source for my Perl program?
50779 FAQ 3.2 How can I use Perl interactively?
50778 How to time out a forked command but still see output?
50777 Socket creation failing with "operation now in progress" error
50776 FAQ 3.31 What's MakeMaker?
50775 grouping with modulus
50774 Widgets
50773 FAQ 2.13 What mailing lists are there for Perl?
50772 adding an excel worksheet to a generetad excel file via perl
50771 FAQ 2.7 Is there an ISO or ANSI certified version of Perl?
50770 ESS labels on ESMTP mail: perhaps using Net::Server::Mail::ESMTP
50769 Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV
50768 FAQ 3.24 Why don't Perl one-liners work on my DOS/Mac/VMS system?
50767 Read xml file and write data to a txt file using PERL.... urgent
50766 Perl MakeMaker - how to force Perl linking with the static C library (libcrt.lib) instead of dynamic C library (msvcrt.lib)
50765 print math symbol into image created with GD
50764 FAQ 3.11 Where can I get Perl macros for vi?
50763 How can I use wget to get the result of jsp page
50762 FAQ 2.17 What is perl.com? Perl Mongers? pm.org? perl.org? cpan.org?
50761 Question to B::Deparse
50760 How? Movable yet? Click here to join!
50759 FAQ 1.15 Where can I get a list of Larry Wall witticisms?
50758 Any Help? Stuck trying to create cgi perl program
50757 FAQ 1.5 What was Ponie?
50756 Server For Rent? Where?
50755 FAQ 3.1 How do I do (anything)?
50754 FAQ 3.10 Is there an IDE or Windows Perl Editor?
50753 FAQ 2.10 Where should I post source code?
50752 die problem?
50751 Lexical reference to an anonymous recursive subroutine: impossible?
50750 mime head alternative
50749 FAQ 3.4 How do I find which modules are installed on my system?
50748 What are the vestiges of Pascal left in Perl?
50747 Printing the next line of text of the file
50746 How do I use a literal comma in a system command
50745 From zero to dogfood widgets in one day PERL
50744 Compressing Files - Help
50743 FAQ 4.6 Why doesn't & work the way I want it to?
50742 Booleans in Perl
50741 How to make perl script executable from anywhere on windows?
50740 Pseiudo Terminals
50739 import conundrum
50738 FAQ 9.20 How do I send mail?
50737 Problem installing Apache::Test
50736 Im really not understanding this paragraph in perldoc -f open
50735 FAQ 9.15 How do I parse a mail header?
50734 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
50733 Module to detect keyboard presses
50732 readline - possible security hole
50731 FAQ 9.21 How do I use MIME to make an attachment to a mail message?
50730 Fundamental pipe questions
50729 Comprehensive Reference Books On Perl or CGI.
50728 About DBI and DBD
50727 Weird character issue
50726 Isolate lines in a text file and perform replacements
50725 regular expression help
50724 FAQ 9.12 How do I put a password on my web pages?
50723 perl continuation character
50722 FAQ 9.24 How do I fetch a news article or the active newsgroups?
50721 FAQ 9.11 How do I redirect to another page?
50720 How to make send key ([tab] [tab]Text [Enter]) in some program (Internet Explorer or Notepad)?
50719 FAQ 9.25 How do I fetch/put an FTP file?
50718 FAQ 9.6 How do I download a file from the user's machine? How do I open a file on another machine?
50717 attn: morton - extremely peaceful news server - awmu rem - (1/1)
50716 FAQ 9.9 How do I automate an HTML form submission?
50715 FAQ 9.16 How do I decode a CGI form?
50714 Regexp question
50713 Pop3 emulation for Outlook Client
50712 FAQ 9.14 How do I make sure users can't enter values into a form that cause my CGI script to do bad things?
50711 Help developing web app
50710 FAQ 9.7 How do I make an HTML pop-up menu with Perl?
50709 executing code without exiting the interpreter
50708 FAQ 9.22 How do I read mail?
50707 How to put the command ls -l| awk '{print $1" "$5" "$9}' in a perl script?
50706 Catching print errors
50705 Showing who is logged on to XP
50704 profiling - analyse by time "on behalf of"?
50703 --chop-long-lines
50702 Apache, perl and WinXP cmd.exe - problem with percent sign in arg list
50701 Trailing whitespace question
50700 comp.lang.perl.cgi?
50699 TCP Server+perl
50698 FAQ 9.23 How do I find out my hostname, domainname, or IP address?
50697 FAQ 9.19 How do I return the user's mail address?
50696 FAQ 9.17 How do I check a valid mail address?
50695 FAQ 9.13 How do I edit my .htpasswd and .htgroup files with Perl?
50694 wget with CPAN
50693 FAQ 9.18 How do I decode a MIME/BASE64 string?
50692 Internalisation support and dictionaries
50691 File::Tail experts?
50690 perl OOP
50689 Error when using a defining a new module
50688 FAQ 3.22 How can I get "#!perl" to work on [MS-DOS,NT,...]?
50687 deleting from stash
50686 extending a module?
50685 parsing text file into array
50684 FAQ 3.21 How can I compile my Perl program into byte code or C?
50683 Probelm installing Test::WWW::Mechanize
50682 MIME Structure Multipart/Mixed with attachment and Multipart/Alternative
50681 Can't change filenames..why?
50680 FAQ 2.2 How can I get a binary version of perl?
50679 How to resolve funky sync issues with fork here.
50678 FAQ 3.26 Where can I learn about object-oriented Perl programming?
50677 How to run Perl script as GUI Windows program? Like Word, Notepad, Calculator etc.
50676 How to turn off "Caps Lock" from Perl script.
50675 More controlled Module loading - Faking output from caller
50674 FAQ 2.1 What machines support perl? Where do I get it?
50673 Generating serial numbers
50672 Problem installing Errno
50671 FAQ 1.4 What are perl4, perl5, or perl6?
50670 Looking for a Perl or (similar) type of script to parse XML files for errors
50669 Limit on number of worksheets using SimpleExcel module
50668 Newbie Question - SOAP Modules
50667 CGI "working" message/page ?
50666 Testing against a list of values ?
50665 Perl reliability?
50664 Directory structure question
50663 Sanitizing user inputs in multiple languages
50662 FAQ 3.14 How can I use X or Tk with Perl?
50661 FAQ 1.10 Can I do [task] in Perl?
50660 mod_perl 2.0 book
50659 perl hash - creation by side effect?
50658 How to Optimize the Pattern Matching search
50657 FAQ 1.16 How can I convince others to use Perl?
50656 Grab a redirected URL infomation, howto?
50655 FAQ 1.14 What is a JAPH?
50654 perl system command
50653 system command
50652 Hash question
50651 FAQ 3.17 Is it safe to return a reference to local or lexical data?
50650 Cant run index.pl
50649 Emacs modules for Perl programming
50648 FAQ 2.8 Where can I get information on Perl?
50647 HTML::template Module in perl
50646 read path from a file
50645 FAQ 1.11 When shouldn't I program in Perl?
50644 Creating Word Documents with Perl
50643 removing intermediate elements from an array, keeping first & last only
50642 Hash/array reference question
43737 FAQ 8.10 How do I read and write the serial port?
43736 FAQ 8.25 How can I capture STDERR from an external command?
43735 FAQ 8.48 How do I add the directory my program lives in to the module/library search path?
43734 FAQ 8.40 How do I avoid zombies on a Unix system?
43733 Changing one array affects the other
43732 FAQ 8.37 How do I find out if I'm running interactively or not?
43731 how to make to transmit the parameters of a cgi between these various pages I would like to use param but I do not see how to make
43730 using ftp from perl script
43729 Iterating over all elements in a 3D array

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