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Perl Programming Language

43728 FAQ 8.1 How do I find out which operating system I'm running under?
43727 Sweetest Accessor?
43726 any quick and dirty code out there
43725 FAQ 8.34 I {changed directory, modified my environment} in a perl script. How come the change disappeared when I exited the script? How do I get my changes to be visible?
43724 how to list all loaded modules of a perl program
43723 Beginning OO help
43722 prototypes - use or not?
43721 Troubleshooting cpan
43720 Writing a system log monitor
43719 FAQ 8.33 Is there a way to hide perl's command line from programs such as "ps"?
42768 fork,exec, and parallel processing
42767 Event Handling?
42766 Behaviour when printing quoted ARRAY
42765 Creating empty variables for input data
42764 Seeking recommendation for Web framework
42763 perlfaq3: Linking perl against libc.a
42762 FAQ 7.29 What does "bad interpreter" mean?
42761 Perl Regexp that deals with variable parameter-string length.
42760 FAQ 8.7 How do I clear the screen?
42759 FAQ 9.2 My CGI script runs from the command line but not the browser. (500 Server Error)
42758 How to parse the log file to get useful information using perl or shell?
42757 Win32::OLE error in thread (ActiveSatate 5.8) on XP
42756 nomenclature
42755 order of evaluation
42754 Encrypting long passwords
42753 FAQ 8.43 How do I open a file without blocking?
42752 FAQ 8.18 How can I do an atexit() or setjmp()/longjmp()? (Exception handling)
41136 any easy way to print a few tables in the same rows?
41135 FAQ 9.4 How do I remove HTML from a string?
41134 non-greedy match breaks '?' match?
41133 newpage problem with PostScript::Simple
41132 problem using timelocal, localtime to discern d-o-w.
41131 FAQ 8.49 How do I add a directory to my include path (@INC) at runtime?
41130 Simple Expect problem
41129 Perl Equivelent of C++ program
41128 is mod_perl better for CGI application?
41127 Problem with indirect variables
41126 LWP hangs
41125 FAQ 8.15 How do I set the time and date?
41124 parsing a tab delimited or CSV, but keep the delimiter
41123 CGI URL Redirect
41122 Net::SNMP and Non-Blocking Calls
41121 how to use perl to redirect web page?
41120 How can I make my prime number generator better?
41119 FAQ 8.38 How do I timeout a slow event?
41118 PHP Development Resources Directory
41117 FAQ 8.26 Why doesn't open() return an error when a pipe open fails?
41116 Free backlinks & promotion of your site
41115 array::Compare - Perl extension for comparing arrays
41114 RegExp -> Strings generieren
41113 $1 download the newest pda software
41112 Accessing all CGI input parameters via loop ?
41111 FAQ 8.13 How do I trap control characters/signals?
41110 First line in body of Mail::POP3Client
41109 Reading from fixed-length text file
41108 Truncating text from a string with beginning text from another string
41107 FAQ 8.23 How can I open a pipe both to and from a command?
41106 Need help with a Regex substitution
41105 win32 pxperl
41104 HTML::Mason and User site folders
41103 time structure without shift
41102 Why can't we just change the signal disposition on system()?
41101 FAQ 8.45 How do I install a module from CPAN?
41100 Replacing characters in file
41099 FAQ 8.31 Can I use perl to run a telnet or ftp session?
41098 FAQ 8.21 Where do I get the include files to do ioctl() or syscall()?
41097 Executing awk from perl script
41096 FAQ 8.9 How do I ask the user for a password?
41095 Search & replace
41094 Any good Perl coders out there?
41093 Using @ARGV in object oriented script
41092 perl feature request
41091 FAQ 9.1 What is the correct form of response from a CGI script?
41090 Stuck trying to pass an array that contains a hash to another subprogram
41089 variable evaluation and printing
41088 FAQ 7.27 How do I clear a package?
41087 A twist on Cookbook recipe 4.6
41086 my $session = new CGI::Session()
41085 split function
41084 getting DBI and ODBC to work with PERL and MYSQL data source
38483 upload method not returning undef?
38482 FAQ 8.39 How do I set CPU limits?
38481 Net DNS Update problem
38480 rss2twitter 0.1
38479 dealing with modified csv data format
38478 FAQ 8.36 How do I fork a daemon process?
38477 FAQ 8.46 What's the difference between require and use?
38476 FAQ 8.19 Why doesn't my sockets program work under System V (Solaris)? What does the error message "Protocol not supported" mean?
38475 FAQ 8.6 How do I check whether input is ready on the keyboard?
38474 FAQ 8.2 How come exec() doesn't return?
38473 how to get next day
38472 FAQ 8.47 How do I keep my own module/library directory?
38471 FAQ 8.12 How do I start a process in the background?
38470 FAQ 7.28 How can I use a variable as a variable name?
38469 FAQ 8.27 What's wrong with using backticks in a void context?
38468 FAQ 8.8 How do I get the screen size?
38467 Perl/CGI file upload
38466 Need help understanding how a file input block works
38465 Problem with flock
38464 FAQ 8.24 Why can't I get the output of a command with system()?
38463 How to print on the special table cell column?
38462 Emacs modules for Perl programming
38461 crontab -e doesnt seem to work
38460 On Java's Interface (the meaning of interface in computer programing)
38459 FAQ 9.3 How can I get better error messages from a CGI program?
38458 how to new Table in a loop?
38457 I do not manage to read all the parameters since my cgi
38456 submitting patch to perl docs
38455 checking for filehandle
38454 I dotn understand this error
38453 A Perl Beginner
38452 regex question
38451 Does using dbmopen/tie make programs memory-efficient?
38450 eval or do for <DATA>
38449 "Casting" a split into an array
38448 Where can i find some examples about perlce read data from rs-232 ?
38447 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
38446 eq and =? problem?
38445 perl-gtk installation failing on Solaris
38444 bigint and eval
38443 Server/Clients system
38442 perl: adding lines and replacing stings
38441 FAQ 8.50 What is socket.ph and where do I get it?
38440 trying to determine gethostbyaddr call issues doesnt appear to be dns related
38439 How to decompose nested objects
38438 FAQ 8.32 How can I write expect in Perl?
38437 Net::SSH::W32Perl - hanging
38436 Running several Perl scripts
38435 FAQ 8.44 How do I tell the difference between errors from the shell and perl?
38434 Philippine Sex Scandal & Sex Tips
38433 FAQ 8.17 How can I measure time under a second?
38432 Login time quota
38431 FAQ 8.5 How do I read just one key without waiting for a return key?
38430 regex for lines not containing |, not working
38429 Screen Scrapping
38428 Module for random array distribution
38427 FAQ 8.14 How do I modify the shadow password file on a Unix system?
38426 Reformatting file - basic question
38425 FAQ 8.29 Why can't my script read from STDIN after I gave it EOF (^D on Unix, ^Z on MS-DOS)?
38424 array question
38423 Install Perl on windows 2000 PRO environment
38422 Demo of a shrinking perl script
35587 what's wrong with this OR statement syntax
35586 LWP credentials help
35585 Parse website that requires login
35584 getting bash errors
35583 new CGI::Session creates a new session every visit. GRRR!!!
35582 spawn process to run parallel
35581 What is abriviationfor CHR(4)
35580 Comparing filenames in different directories
35579 How to replace a "/" in perl
35578 PL_rsfp_filters - what does it contain ?
35577 Mastering Perl
35576 Problem with requesting page by using LWP::UserAgent
35575 auto documentor perl
35574 Urgent requirement in perl for a US based CMM Level 4 company
35573 Scope and Arrays
35572 ldap problem
35571 No -e allowed in setuid scripts?
35570 output confusion
35569 cpan upgrade gone bad
35568 sockschain
35567 FAQ 8.11 How do I decode encrypted password files?
35566 FAQ 8.4 How do I print something out in color?
35565 FAQ 8.41 How do I use an SQL database?
35564 FAQ 8.28 How can I call backticks without shell processing?
35563 FAQ 8.22 Why do setuid perl scripts complain about kernel problems?
35562 FAQ 8.30 How can I convert my shell script to perl?
34655 Retrieving the value of an Selected Item from a Listbox widget
34654 Stupid question but its driving me nuts...
34653 FAQ 6.19 What good is "\G" in a regular expression?
34652 Index Value of a Button Widget in Perl/Tk
34651 Perl DBI/XML processing versus PHP ?
34650 FAQ 8.16 How can I sleep() or alarm() for under a second?
34649 Use different modules based on variable
34648 Trouble with a file upload script
34647 tr/ last char x$
34646 Getting the list of groups given a user id
34645 help for PostScript::Simple
34644 anyone could explain this to me?
33627 File::Find dies on directory paths which are too long
33626 FAQ 7.3 Do I always/never have to quote my strings or use semicolons and commas?
33625 Any daylight saving time issues lately?
33624 FAQ 5.24 How do I get a file's timestamp in perl?
33623 patch for Mail::SendEasy
33622 FAQ 7.2 What are all these $@%&* punctuation signs, and how do I know when to use them?
33621 Retrieving pre-set enviroment variables in DOS not working
33620 Counting occurences using a variable
33619 Installing librairies (window OS)
33618 FAQ 6.2 I'm having trouble matching over more than one line. What's wrong?
32642 FAQ 7.14 How can I pass/return a {Function, FileHandle, Array, Hash, Method, Regex}?
32641 gluing client and server
32640 Random record access
32639 Importing an hash in a lexical scope
32638 adding a data field to a subclass of HTML::Parser
32637 FAQ 7.16 What's the difference between dynamic and lexical (static) scoping? Between local() and my()?
32636 Llama book exercise
32635 Crash in Perl_stashpv_hvname_match
32634 FAQ 5.27 How can I read in an entire file all at once?
32633 how to do file1-file2?

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