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Perl Programming Language

32632 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
32631 FAQ 5.26 How do I print to more than one file at once?
32630 passing passords to pgsql/pg_create/pg_dump programmatically
32629 Daylight Savings using timelocal() and localtime()
32628 FAQ 6.10 How do I use a regular expression to strip C style comments from a file?
32627 Equivalent in Perl
32626 Find Missing Column and Extra Column
32625 Recomended Frameworks and Modules for REST
32624 Convert hex to bin
32623 Flush buffer combined with mod_deflate doesn't seem to work
32622 FAQ 5.36 Why does Perl let me delete read-only files? Why does "-i" clobber protected files? Isn't this a bug in Perl?
31204 Use Perl to Fix DST on Windows Computer
31203 unknow <:o)
31202 FAQ 7.9 How do I create a module?
31201 FAQ 7.26 How can I comment out a large block of perl code?
31200 Reading from a serial port
31199 FAQ 5.35 Why doesn't glob("*.*") get all the files?
31198 invoking system commands from a perl script
31197 drugs
31196 FAQ 6.18 Why does using $&, $`, or $' slow my program down?
31195 FAQ 5.28 How can I read in a file by paragraphs?
31194 why doesn't this argument list need a comma after the 1st argument?
31193 Graphing with Perl
31192 FAQ 6.6 How can I make "\w" match national character sets?
31191 FAQ 7.1 Can I get a BNF/yacc/RE for the Perl language?
29431 Entry Widget - Perl/Tk
29430 equivalence of variables question
29429 FAQ 6.3 How can I pull out lines between two patterns that are themselves on different lines?
29428 Posting guidelines work
29427 ${{ foo => bar, baz => faz }}{ baz }
29426 FAQ 7.25 How can I find out my current package?
29425 To destroy thread in perl
29424 FAQ 7.10 How do I create a class?
29423 How get cell count and match total column value
29422 Error description.
29421 FAQ 6.12 What does it mean that regexes are greedy? How can I get around it?
29420 Problems with XML::Parser::Lite
29419 Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah
29418 odd behavior between Guitest and rcmd on windows
29417 Dumping Perl tie hash file
29416 script for sending email with experimental results
29415 FAQ 7.17 How can I access a dynamic variable while a similarly named lexical is in scope?
29414 using a function with net::ssh
29413 net::ssh and functions
29412 Non-blocking directory watching
29411 Array Ref Error
29410 Convert IEEE single from integer representation
29409 FAQ 5.32 How do I dup() a filehandle in Perl?
29408 Sending an incomplete file?
29407 FAQ 7.4 How do I skip some return values?
29406 problem cgi
29405 FAQ 6.20 Are Perl regexes DFAs or NFAs? Are they POSIX compliant?
29404 view images inside the windows xp shell
29403 read this friends .... how good it is ?
29402 Net::SMTP connection problems
29401 FAQ 7.21 What's the difference between calling a function as &foo and foo()?
29400 Problem with pattern match
29399 Windows XP problem, how to print some data to printer connected on LPT port?
28364 FAQ 6.22 How can I match strings with multibyte characters?
28363 How to use the "system" operator?
28362 How do I -MCPAN install and pass commandline params?
28361 Need Estimate of Programming Effort
28360 FAQ 7.6 What's an extension?
28359 Congratulations Randal
28358 FAQ 6.17 Why don't word-boundary searches with "\b" work for me?
28357 FAQ 6.16 How do I efficiently match many regular expressions at once?
28356 predeclare module sub
28355 Hey! i've done a Free Global Bad Words Dictionary,
28354 Exit Telnet session
28353 MIME::Lite, getting a warning.
28352 FAQ 5.30 How can I tell whether there's a character waiting on a filehandle?
28351 Killing threads in perl
28350 Async. server using Perl
28349 Splitting a filename
28348 LWP Package issue in my script..
28347 Newbie question re initialization
28346 videos-singles inside-{for date-chating mails}
28345 FAQ 6.14 How can I print out a word-frequency or line-frequency summary?
28344 What is abriviation for CHR(4)
28343 Perl tie hash question
28342 How can I access the variables in my script ($main::var)
28341 Perl script fails silently at start, can't debug
28340 Support for dbmopen/dbmclose?
28339 FAQ 7.13 What is variable suicide and how can I prevent it?
28338 Redirect to another web page using CGI ?
28337 Create zombie intentionally?
26138 Posting to nntp newsgroup with Perl (Net::NNTP)
26137 FAQ 5.25 How do I set a file's timestamp in perl?
26136 Is it ok to change $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} before "use CGI;" is called..?
26135 <INPUT>
26134 Calling a module style question
26133 convert wikipedia to html?
26132 FAQ 7.15 How do I create a static variable?
26131 Tk::DropSite question
26130 FAQ 5.34 Why can't I use "C:\temp\foo" in DOS paths? Why doesn't `C:\temp\foo.exe` work?
26129 Question about wizard Perl programmers
26128 Statistical software - source code available
26127 Emacs modules for Perl programming
26126 Search a text file ,picking values from array
26125 problem in setting environmental variable
26124 ActiveState Perl User Guide -- how can I add an entry to the list of Programs?
26123 Number of days between 2 dates
26122 FAQ 6.8 How can I quote a variable to use in a regex?
26121 FAQ 7.18 What's the difference between deep and shallow binding?
26120 FAQ 7.5 How do I temporarily block warnings?
26119 How to parse a string?
26118 incomplete module installation
26117 LWP::UserAgent infinite hang
26116 Subroutines and Callbacks in Perl/Tk
26115 FAQ 6.13 How do I process each word on each line?
26114 Cam::pdf, document page number
26113 get the week day of a date?
26112 FAQ 6.4 I put a regular expression into $/ but it didn't work. What's wrong?
26111 IPC::Open2 - Bad File Descriptor
26110 Net-SSH-W32Perl strange behaviour.
25381 Cool Free Offers
25380 FAQ 5.29 How can I read a single character from a file? From the keyboard?
25379 Question about Crypt::SSLeay
25378 FAQ 5.33 How do I close a file descriptor by number?
25377 quick scope question
25376 FAQ 5.23 How do I randomly update a binary file?
25375 Watch online TV and listen radio programes
25374 need perl tutor, will PAY
25373 FAQ 7.20 How do I redefine a builtin function, operator, or method?
25372 Search the content of a file
25371 IP in range?
25370 FAQ 7.23 How can I catch accesses to undefined variables, functions, or methods?
24301 display datestamp in HTML
24300 Match a regular expression
24299 FAQ 7.7 Why do Perl operators have different precedence than C operators?
24298 Why 'No child processes' after a system() call
24297 FAQ 6.9 What is "/o" really for?
23765 FAQ 6.21 What's wrong with using grep in a void context?
23764 Expressing AND, OR, and NOT in a Single Pattern
23763 how to convert binary to string?
23762 FAQ 5.37 How do I select a random line from a file?
23761 opendir function.
23760 Q on regex of LWP::Simple data
23759 need help for this project......
23758 format issue
23757 FAQ 6.1 How can I hope to use regular expressions without creating illegible and unmaintainable code?
23756 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
23755 how to find the "yesterday" logfile name?
23754 SOAP::Lite serializer or version problem
23753 mod_perl error: (120000) exit was called at
23752 mod_perl errors
23751 Footnote Moving Problem
23750 guestbook.cgi :p
23749 FAQ 7.8 How do I declare/create a structure?
23083 Error In DBI - Cannot execute multiple statements
23082 parse a log file question
23081 Too complex data structure?
23080 SOAP::Lite and header
23079 FAQ 6.15 How can I do approximate matching?
23078 FAQ 7.11 How can I tell if a variable is tainted?
23077 The Directory of Indian Web Designers, Graphic Designers
22664 Howto:Perl connection to Oracle
22663 perl & heredoc to create xml
22662 Hash of arrays of hashes... There's got to be a cleaner way than this...
22661 Rindex used to find end of a string
22660 Parent process unable to read messages from child process
22659 Perl and MySQL
22658 FAQ 7.24 Why can't a method included in this same file be found?
22657 convert string to hash of hash?
22656 FAQ 6.23 How do I match a regular expression that's in a variable?
22655 Combinatorics Problem
21806 Choosing the path based on the system "uname" command
21805 FAQ 7.19 Why doesn't "my($foo) = <FILE>;" work right?
21804 using a list
21803 sysread & eof
21802 FAQ 7.22 How do I create a switch or case statement?
21801 perl bug with references
21800 Expect and xterm
21799 decode a string to "Perl's internal form" without Encode module?
21798 FAQ 6.7 How can I match a locale-smart version of "/[a-zA-Z]/"?
21797 change chr(9) ?
21796 Can't call method "Sql"... need help
21795 Apache::DBI with mod_perl under load
21794 FAQ 6.11 Can I use Perl regular expressions to match balanced text?
21793 FAQ 5.31 How do I do a "tail -f" in perl?
21792 LWP:Authen:NTLM
21791 Disable warnings from specific module
20213 Reading Directory Mystery
20212 carriage returns in HERE statements
20211 Last Reminder: Survey about Architecture and Design Patterns
20210 :ATTR(:default<> problem
20209 Unexpected RegEx results
20208 FAQ 5.38 Why do I get weird spaces when I print an array of lines?
20207 DocumentHTML ?
20206 Perl threads - capturing value returned from sub
20205 FAQ 6.5 How do I substitute case insensitively on the LHS while preserving case on the RHS?
20204 Net::SSH::Perl - Broken Pipe
20203 Fussy Date::Parse...
20202 updating date field in MS Access
20201 FAQ 7.12 What's a closure?
20200 Question about scoping
20199 plonk
19827 FAQ 4.38 Why don't my <<HERE documents work?
19826 trapping a manual close signal
19825 Question about News::NNTPClient

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