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Perl Programming Language

19824 Reading in data until I have a full structure
19823 FAQ 5.20 Why can't I just open(FH, ">file.lock")?
19822 Transitioning Web Site
19821 FAQ 4.57 How do I look up a hash element by value?
19820 Can I hack this perl thing ?
19819 Perl Script to download files (Need Help)
19818 Alan J. Flavell RIP
19817 App::Options: doesn't option_file work?
19816 Accessing Files through http?
19815 FAQ 5.13 How can I translate tildes (~) in a filename?
19814 FAQ 4.54 Why does defined() return true on empty arrays and hashes?
19368 Thread issue
19367 FAQ 5.18 How can I reliably rename a file?
19366 Automating Internet Explorer
19365 Free Website Designing solution+MORE
19364 FAQ 4.47 How do I handle circular lists?
19363 Net::SSH::Perl install Hangs
19362 FAQ 4.45 How do I find the first array element for which a condition is true?
19361 perl "alternating foreach" feature idea
19082 Problem with Perl extensions
19081 FAQ 4.52 How do I sort an array by (anything)?
19080 FAQ 4.62 Why don't my tied hashes make the defined/exists distinction?
19079 FAQ 5.11 How can I write() into a string?
19078 Text::CSV and Mysql - invalid number of columns
19077 FAQ 4.73 How do I print out or copy a recursive data structure?
19076 Direct standard output to printer.
19075 FAQ 5.16 Is there a leak/bug in glob()?
19074 sorting an array with associated values in separate arrays
19073 delete() on multi level hash
19072 To get the HTTP response headers such as content length from a web server
19071 problem cp
19070 enjoy this beautiful site
19069 FAQ 4.72 How do I keep persistent data across program calls?
19068 Using Substr and Regular expressions.
19067 here is the famous godwin script, donated to the usenet populous!
19066 Help with search and replace
19065 Text::CSV and Mysql
19064 FAQ 4.58 How can I know how many entries are in a hash?
19063 Get xs type from xml node?
19062 How to boost performance of my crude script?
19061 FAQ 4.63 How do I reset an each() operation part-way through?
19060 any perl tool to create a flow of perl scripts
19059 FAQ 4.74 How do I define methods for every class/object?
19058 FAQ 5.2 How do I change, delete, or insert a line in a file, or append to the beginning of a file?
17885 printing all commands' return value in debugger
17884 Passing an array of arrays to an external function
17883 CGI:Session & MS SQLServer
17882 fork()-ing questions
17881 FAQ 4.55 How do I process an entire hash?
17880 Running Java file and capturing output
17879 perl CPU utilization and socket I/O
17878 new method to test Perl code
17877 Unable to install Math::BigInt::GMP on Solaris 10
17876 Cant connect to mysql from perl interface
17875 ucfirst() with "_" separator
17874 FAQ 5.15 Why do I sometimes get an "Argument list too long" when I use <*>?
17873 Newbie Question
17872 Any 3270 emulation for perl yet?
17871 Unicode-related problem installing perl modules on Solaris 10
17870 Performance project for the SigEx Foundry
17869 FAQ 4.48 How do I shuffle an array randomly?
17868 Mystry CGI Perl from new Redhat server
17867 Newlines and deprecations
17866 Subclassing CGI::Pretty dies instantly in ->new , bug?
17865 how to handle Multi Value Hash output?
17864 Creating pivot table
17863 Finding Background processes?
17862 CGI Scripts: Catching and Displaying (Friendly) Error messages
17861 net::mysql holds onto my query
17860 Quick Question
17859 Read Zip on SMB drive with Perl
17858 Help with string replacement
17857 Combining M-F school week and 6 day class cycle
17856 simple use of eval of somethinng else
17855 How to replace a "/" in perl
17854 Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals
17853 How to get individual fields into variables using DBI?
17852 Regex matching a integer in a line
17851 getOptions for object oriented Perl
17850 FAQ 5.9 How can I use a filehandle indirectly?
17849 how to use system command to launch a shell script ?
15970 Sending commands to a secondary prompt
15969 Free Url submission, Forum, Free Ebooks, Articles etc
15968 array of hashes
15967 Regex confusion
15966 Complex calculation of averages
15965 FAQ 4.68 How can I make the Perl equivalent of a C structure/C++ class/hash or array of hashes or arrays?
15964 FAQ 4.70 How do I handle binary data correctly?
15963 which is more powerfull ?
15962 FAQ 4.41 How can I remove duplicate elements from a list or array?
15961 fcntl call to check if a file is open - help needed
15960 FAQ 5.3 How do I count the number of lines in a file?
15959 Running Perl/CGI scripts in Tomcat server
15958 Newbie...Not able to include a file in perl script
15957 http://bangalore.pm.org
15956 FAQ 4.42 How can I tell whether a certain element is contained in a list or array?
15955 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
15954 find the last element of a line in a file
15953 Tool to create Perl based scripts
14806 Why isn't variable maintained between subroutines in .pm module?
14805 FAQ 4.50 How do I select a random element from an array?
14804 global variables
14803 FAQ 5.19 How can I lock a file?
14802 behavior of my print function call
14801 for jermaine: truly excellent active newsgroups - egsu awge - (1/1)
14439 Passing parameters from one Perl script to another
14438 World Funniest Video
14437 FAQ 4.75 How do I verify a credit card checksum?
14292 FAQ 5.21 I still don't get locking. I just want to increment the number in the file. How can I do this?
14291 FAQ 4.60 How can I always keep my hash sorted?
14290 FAQ 4.36 How can I expand variables in text strings?
14289 serialize array of references from $sth->fetchall_arrayref
14288 Emacs modules for Perl programming
14287 FAQ 5.5 How can I copy a file?
14286 FAQ 4.39 What is the difference between a list and an array?
13808 FAQ 4.66 How can I make my hash remember the order I put elements into it?
13807 convert string of keys to multidimensional hash
13806 FAQ 4.69 How can I use a reference as a hash key?
13805 test - disregard
13804 Perl:CGI - Creating a Please wait message
13803 FAQ 4.65 How can I store a multidimensional array in a DBM file?
13802 FAQ 4.76 How do I pack arrays of doubles or floats for XS code?
13801 FAQ 4.67 Why does passing a subroutine an undefined element in a hash create it?
13800 FAQ 5.10 How can I set up a footer format to be used with write()?
13799 FAQ 5.7 How can I manipulate fixed-record-length files?
13798 FAQ 4.61 What's the difference between "delete" and "undef" with hashes?
13797 FAQ 4.59 How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)?
13796 Perl thread question
13795 Find Novell file lock information
13440 set a variable with a specified element of an array...and all elements that follows
13439 problem reading remote file.
13438 How can I deserialize data with Perl serialized with Java?
13173 script for http request
13172 problem CGI read request POST
13171 perl ftp problems
13170 Sending a local attachment via email form
13169 Automated testing of cgi / perl
13168 Environment variables in Excel started from Win32::OLE
13167 obfuscated
13166 PDL - Errors in PDL::Gaussian, maybe install?
13165 Sorting exponential numbers
13164 How to extract .tar files in different directory?
13163 Why can't I access variable from other subroutine?
13162 New to Perl, OOP inheritance
13161 Perl takes a lot of memory when you just require a file
13160 Geting Windows NT services and drives.
13159 Make 1.5 million in 10 minutes
13158 IMAP Mail Filtering / Moving ??
13157 Uninstall a module?
13156 Wrong Server Port
13155 FAQ 5.1 How do I flush/unbuffer an output filehandle? Why must I do this?
13154 Perl interaction with Expect
13153 Regexp for email addresses.
13152 manually expire an element in Memoize
13151 regex to convert &#106; to character
13150 Calling 'C' function from Perl
13149 define a standard exception handler to handle database query faults
13148 pattern serach over many files
12059 FAQ 4.64 How can I get the unique keys from two hashes?
11934 problem CGI
11933 Become more productive with Vista Speech Recognition.
11932 Bind 9 administration module(s)
11931 loading modules run test
11930 FAQ 5.8 How can I make a filehandle local to a subroutine? How do I pass filehandles between subroutines? How do I make an array of filehandles?
11929 The future! I can see the future! Nay, I can hear it!
11675 set "From" header
11674 waitpid woes on Solaris, Perl 5.8.8
11673 FAQ 4.46 How do I handle linked lists?
11672 Continue to Search file after matching a value
11671 FAQ 4.51 How do I permute N elements of a list?
11670 Lazy evaluation?
11669 Meditation on inside-out classes
11668 timeout problem
11667 FAQ 4.37 What's wrong with always quoting "$vars"?
11120 why cgi print out everything to the page?
11119 a cgi for view unix logs?
11118 FAQ 5.14 How come when I open a file read-write it wipes it out?
10913 Accessing Access
10912 FAQ 4.71 How do I determine whether a scalar is a number/whole/integer/float?
10911 FAQ 4.56 What happens if I add or remove keys from a hash while iterating over it?
10910 for rossie: dominating nntp server - saf - (1/1)
10909 FAQ 4.43 How do I compute the difference of two arrays? How do I compute the intersection of two arrays?
10908 Win32: Need the intact ARGV string
10907 Hashes in subroutines?
10906 bypass shell - pipe into child pid and receive otput
10264 how to use one cgi for input and action?
10203 Basic question...?
10202 form with no name
10201 FAQ 5.4 How can I use Perl's "-i" option from within a program?
10200 x-mixed-replace
10199 Concurrent Access
10198 problems mime::lite
9911 FAQ 5.12 How can I output my numbers with commas added?
9910 FAQ 4.53 How do I manipulate arrays of bits?
7434 Qu: REGEXP
7433 FAQ 4.13 How do I find the current century or millennium?
7432 Regex: Why is overreaching necessary?
7431 handling STDIN line by line in Gtk
7430 FAQ 4.44 How do I test whether two arrays or hashes are equal?
7429 MIME::Parser filename renaming

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