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Perl Programming Language

7428 Win32 Perl slowdown
7427 regex multiline help
7426 how to get recipient of email
7425 FAQ 4.6 Why doesn't & work the way I want it to?
7424 beginner's question
7423 Pretty Format Report Nested Objects Insanity
7422 FAQ 4.30 How do I capitalize all the words on one line?
7421 sort a text file
7420 a, b, - and c?
7419 Simple REGEX
7418 perl variables allocated in shared memory - feasible/possible/done already?
7417 FAQ 4.21 How do I remove consecutive pairs of characters?
7416 Non-greedy matching problem
7415 Request for a PERL script to download files
7414 FAQ 4.4 Does Perl have a round() function? What about ceil() and floor()? Trig functions?
7413 Win32::OLE MS Word line breaks regex
7412 get data from xml
7411 FAQ 4.3 Why isn't my octal data interpreted correctly?
7410 rename *-ch03.htm to ch03-*.htm?
7409 FAQ 4.31 How can I split a [character] delimited string except when inside [character]?
7408 FAQ 4.20 How do I unescape a string?
7407 modifying a variable twice in a statement (comparison to c)
7406 FAQ 4.34 How do I extract selected columns from a string?
7405 FAQ 4.11 How do I get a random number between X and Y?
7404 p-value
7403 How to get table from some html
7402 FAQ 4.28 How do I change the Nth occurrence of something?
7401 Globbing on Win32
7400 Simple XML question ...
7399 FAQ 4.10 Why aren't my random numbers random?
7398 I need get many results from regular express
7397 OO Perl Online Learning
7396 FAQ 4.18 Does Perl have a Year 2000 problem? Is Perl Y2K compliant?
7395 Net::Telnet Error handling/trapping
7394 FAQ 4.32 How do I strip blank space from the beginning/end of a string?
7393 download a text file from a URL
7392 CGI why ignore "\n", no return, no new line?
7391 FAQ 4.12 How do I find the day or week of the year?
7390 Installation of Lingua:Stem fails -> Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Da already installed...
7389 FAQ 4.9 How can I output Roman numerals?
7388 Someone can tell me how integrate VC++ with perl
7387 Net::SSH::Perl - Channel open failure?
7386 indexing large collection of HTML files
7385 find lines in a file
7384 FAQ 4.25 How do I expand tabs in a string?
7383 Multiple Line Extraction
7382 Apache/mod_perl server getting stuck
7381 how to install/use MP3::Tag in Windows environment?
7380 CGI.pm Button Generation
7379 Regex - Unexpected match for /\r/
7378 FAQ 4.7 How do I multiply matrices?
7377 read from STDIN
7376 how to forward an array to another cgi?
7375 FAQ 4.23 How do I find matching/nesting anything?
7374 perl 5.8.8 fails to compile
7373 PerlScript + ASP on IIS question
7372 http://www.freeanything4you.co m/
7371 FAQ 4.5 How do I convert between numeric representations/bases/radixes?
7370 dual $SIG{ALRM} in a same program
7369 is this a bug in getopts
7368 Calculation with "priority" hashes
7367 Very stupid question but.....
7366 FAQ 4.14 How can I compare two dates and find the difference?
7365 perl compare function
7364 perl subroutine
7363 FAQ 4.29 How can I count the number of occurrences of a substring within a string?
7362 Printing strings
7361 mod_perl uploads
7360 ??????
7359 ????
7358 split : string containing brackets
7357 FAQ 4.19 How do I validate input?
7356 FAQ 4.17 How do I find yesterday's date?
7355 Problem with system command
7354 Perl in the comics
7353 What modules installed on server?
7352 Sending data via ftp
7351 FAQ 4.8 How do I perform an operation on a series of integers?
7350 Searching for all Occurances and Evaling Them
7349 Multiple CGI forms on one page
7348 FAQ 4.26 How do I reformat a paragraph?
7347 new module Gimp::ScriptFu::Client appropriate namespace ?
7346 please explain to me, it is too complex
7345 FAQ 4.15 How can I take a string and turn it into epoch seconds?
7344 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
7343 Syntax Error?
7342 xxx
7341 What do you think of AxKit?
7340 FAQ 4.27 How can I access or change N characters of a string?
7339 Converting perldoc to postscript
7338 FAQ 4.22 How do I expand function calls in a string?
7337 net::telnet pm issue
7336 two questions about RE from perl novice.
7335 questions about RE!
7334 How to create a self-referring datastructure in one line
7333 FAQ 4.24 How do I reverse a string?
7332 Build libperl.so shared library from static library or source?
7331 FAQ 4.16 How can I find the Julian Day?
7330 FAQ 4.33 How do I pad a string with blanks or pad a number with zeroes?

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