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strange error in cgi script using sendmail

Recently I started receiving the following error in my CGI scripts,
which contain a sendmail call:

prog_map_lookup(scriptfilter): child died on signal 25

These scripts have been running fine for years and suddenly this
started happening. The bottom line, of course, is that I get an
Internal Server Error every time someone tries to use one of the
scripts from a web browser. Any idea what this error means?

Here's a typical snippet from one of my scripts that is suddenly
producing this error.

 open(MAIL, "|/usr/sbin/sendmail -t $mailto")
  || on_error("Can't open mail program.");
 print MAIL "To: $mailto\n";
 print MAIL "From: Tester McProblem <$mailfrom>\n";
 print MAIL "Subject: email test\n\n";

 print MAIL "\nBody of test message\n";


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Stark

Signal 25 means SIGXFSZ, File Size Exceeded. In this case the
call to sendmail fails because to complete it would need to
grow a file that has already reached the maximum size allowed by
ulimit. However, the problem isn't related to Perl, it's somewhere
in the sendmail/os interaction.


Thanks for the explanation Chris! That's very helpful knowing it's
some error with my ISP.


On May 28, 3:10 pm, Christian Winter <thepoet_nos@arcor.de> wrote:

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