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Python Programming Language

Call for Ruby Champion !!

Hello friends!

I am looking for a Ruby Champion to lead the race in Website
development within Java environment...

Who loves programming, with new techniques as well as old.....
Who also enjoys hand coding open source technologies with in-depth
knowledge of statistical methods
Has a practical approach when it comes to problem solving
And aspires a team spirit to be agile...

It's very useful to have other programming languages and paradigms

About Client: Young Company, fastest growing in the web market

This is a permanent role in central London, paying as per market rate
for the excellent candidate

About Me: I am a Resourcing Consultant specialist in recruiting for
Open Source Technologies.

please do not hesitate to speak to me or write me back !

Really appreciable for a word of mouth with our friends !!!


Boy have you got the wrong vampire ;)

Robin Becker

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