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Can string be callable as a method ?

Hi all
 I tried to scan a directory and __import__ all modules ,
imported module: help
imported module: __init__
imported module: hi
imported module: thanks

and I scaned all methods in them, and put them to a list like:

[['f_chelp', 'f_help'], [], ['f_exclaim', 'f_hi', 'random'],
['f_thanks', 'random']]

But how can I call them from that list??

Thank you.

Jia Lu

['__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', 'acos', 'asin', ... ]

>>> math.__dict__['acos'](0)
>>> getattr(math, 'asin')(0)


Instead of storing the names of the functions, better to store the
functions themselves:

>>> my_list = [math.acos, math.asin]
>>> my_list[0](1)


Hope this helps,


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