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DbiDate object

Hi all

I am using odbc to connect to Microsoft Access DB.  When I send a
request with a datetime column from the database, odbc returns
something called a DbiDate object.
ex  :

>>> x=data[0][2]

<DbiDate object at 0x009C4140>
>>> print x

Fri Apr 20 07:27:45 2007

I would like to select columns where datetime ("DbiDate column") is >
yesterday date.
and i don't understand how to send request with this DbiDate.

Could you help me ?
thank you

On May 29, 12:51 am, revuesbio <revues@gmail.com> wrote:

I also use the odbc module, but I store dates in my system as
datetime.datetime objects.

I convert a DbiDate object to a datetime object like this -

    import datetime as dt
    date =  dt.datetime.fromtimestamp(int(dbidate))

For selects, I use the datetime object directly -

    cur.execute('select * from table where date = ?',(date,))

I'm not sure how the odbc module handles that - maybe it converts date
into str(date). In any case, it just works for me.


Frank Millman

On 29 mai, 07:22, Frank Millman <f@chagford.com> wrote:

it works !
thank you for your help ;-)
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