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Python Programming Language

Hiring Lead Python Programmer for Mozilla-Based Project

We're a US-based start-up building new software with the Mozilla
Platform and are at present seeking a lead programmer/architect for
our project.  At present, we're planning to build a team in India, so
we'd need the lead to be on-site for 6 to 12 months.  We may, however,
end up developing in the US or elsewhere.

We're also building websites (ideally in Python) which will work in
conjunction with the client application.

Our projects are quite challenging and exciting.  They're motivated by
the general transition to a net-based lifestyle--we need better tools
to help organize and improve the functionality of critical web
services.   They thus have the potential to reach a lot of people, and
involve a breadth of fun but difficult technical challenges.

We're building a small team of extremely capable developers.  We're
seeking independently motivated, dedicated and generally brilliant
programmers--the sort of programmers who coded a C compiler for fun in
college.   We offer a competitive salary, intense, challenging and
rewarding work, and the potential for spectacular bonuses.

If you're seeking a new challenge and would like to build exciting new
products, please send us your CV or resume and a letter of interest in

Alok, MetaStart
metastart at gmail.com

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