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Python Programming Language

Job Ad: Full-time Python software developer, Wimbledon, London, England

`ReportLab <http://www.reportlab.com>`_ (Wimbledon, London, England)

**Job Description**: ReportLab develop enterprise reporting and
document generation solutions using cutting-edge Python technology,
and have a growing business with an excellent blue chip customer base.
You may also know us from our open source PDF and graphics library...

We are looking for a full-time Python software developer for immediate

We are now developing a new generation of applications to publish PDF
on demand for specific vertical markets in the travel and financial
services industries using our own core products.  These involve
flexible admin interfaces to let customers enter and approve data
prior to publishing with our own PDF products.  We are making use of
the very latest and best ideas in web development to help create value
for our customers and a scalable business model for ourselves.

There will be opportunities for travel to exotic locations to visit
travel industry customers.

We're looking for a good all-rounder to join our team and work on
this, as well as many other projects.  The ideal candidate will either
be a **graduate or have up to 3 years experience** and will have the
following skills:

     - Python programming - or enough evidence of skill elsewhere to
       persuade us you can learn it quickly

     - Good analysis skills - the ability to listen to customers,
       figure out where the value lies, and help decide what to build
       in the first place

     - Understanding of web frameworks, databases, XML.  Django
       experience is a plus

     - Know CSS and HTML (an eye for visual design is a plus)

     - Know JavaScript beyond the usual form validation (AJAX a plus)

     - Have the common sense to know when coding is NOT the answer

You must have good written English, good aptitude for programming, and
an ability to Get Things Done.  You must be eligible to work in the
UK, and have a passport allowing travel to most world locations.
Driving license is also an advantage.

You will get responsibilities which are not possible in large
companies including a chance to work with the latest and best
technologies; to see substantial, cutting-edge projects from
commencement to delivery with world class clients; and to help design
and roll out entire software services with fantastic upside potential.

**What Python is used for**: Just about everything.

* **Contact**: Alisa Pasic
* **E-mail contact**: vacanc@reportlab.com
* **Web**: http://www.reportlab.com/careers.html


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