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Python Programming Language

PyGEP: Gene Expression Programming for Python

Dear All,

There's another open source GEP library released under the GNU. Its owner is
Ryan O'Neil, a graduate student from George Mason University. In his words,
"PyGEP is a simple library suitable for academic study of Gene Expression
Programming in Python 2.5, aiming for ease of use and rapid implementation.
It provides standard multigenic chromosomes; a population class using
elitism and fitness scaling for selection; mutation, crossover and
transposition operators; and some standard GEP functions and linkers." PyGEP
is hosted at:


It looks really nice and a good GEP implementation and Ryan seems to be
working really hard to maintain and improve it. So please go take a look and
join the project.

Best wishes,

Candida Ferreira, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Gepsoft

GEP: Mathematical Modeling by an Artificial Intelligence.
2nd Edition, Springer, 2006

GeneXproTools 4.0 -- Data Mining Software
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