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Python Programming Language

Python command line error

Hi All,

I've installed Python 2.5 on a number of machines but on one I'm
having problems with the CLI.
If I fire up the 'cmd' dos box and type 'python' I get a line of
gibberish and it locks up the cli, if I run the 'command' dos box I
get a few lines of garbage and it crashes/closes the dos box.

I've tried a re-install, checked my system paths etc but I can't get
it to work, it works ok for running scripts from a dbl click in
explorer for instance and from Idle, I just can't run scripts from the
command line.

I have installed -
xp pro sp2
wxPython2.8 unicode

any clues to what's causing this behavior?

What kind of gibberish? Actual garbage characters and the like?

Anyway, maybe try running which; this one should be easy to get


But I have never used it, I use the one in this package:


It expects 'python.exe' or whatever, not just 'python', I would
expect the gnuwin32 version to behave similarly.


On May 29, 11:33 am, Max Erickson <maxerick@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks Max, I just worked it out just before I read your post...doh!
I have cygwin on this machine also and the cygwin/bin path was before
the Python25 path so it was playing up, I put the Python25 path before
the cygwin stuff and it's fixed.
It's always something simple!
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