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Some questions about ipath error messages

Hi Dave,

I have some questions about the ipath error messages that we print out.
I am currently testing the error injection part of the matrix and I
starting with "incorrect checksum" and "incorrect HW version". I have
set the debug level on both machines to 0x83 and I am monitoring

In the case of "incorrect checksum" I get an "ipathhdrerr" printed on
the console and when running "incorrect HW version" test, I get
"invalid ipathhdr"

On previous release, the error messages that we used to print were a
bit more descriptive of the problem (I remember that, at least for the
checksum part, it did mention a checksum error, and for HW version, it
did mention HW version problem).

Am I using the correct debug level? Did the error messages change on

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