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Python Programming Language

Third PyConBrasil takes place in August 2007

 We are glad to announce the Third PyConBrasil organised by the
 Brazilian Python Community.

 The event will take place from 2007-08-30 to 2007-09-01 at
 Joinville city in Santa Catarina State (SC) in the
 Brazil's south region.

 The event home page is http://pyconbrasil.com.br/
 We apologize but the site's content is only available
 in Brazilian Portuguese Language (pt-br) for the time being.

 The call for speeches is open until 2007-06-30.

 I'd like to thank the python developers and the python community
 in general for outstanding tools, culture and community.

 best regards,
 Rod Senra

 III PyConBrasil

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