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Python Programming Language

generating a wm5 executable

I'm quite a newbee on Python and have started developing apps on

My .pyc files are running fine under windows mobile 5 but I'm a bit
stuck on how to generate single file executable packages under such
platform, nor I've found a lot of reference about it - seems to be
quite a niche.

Can I run py2exe runs under wm5?

Any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance


On Jun 6, 1:19 pm, Marco <m@sesyt.com> wrote:

I know some Python people use Inno Setup for packaging an executable
and I think that would work with Windows Mobile. They seem to be using
a mix of py2exe and Inno in some cases. Here's some links I found on
the topic:


Something to ponder and/or glean ideas from.


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