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gettext backwards

I am developping an international application for which I use gettext.
An user can fill in certain fields with variable names which are also
localized, eg: filename

_('filename') = 'bestandsnaam' #for dutch

As an english user might save this configuration, I want that eg a
Dutch user can open this configuration but see 'filename' in Dutch
('bestandsnaam'). So my question is, does gettext supports reverse
translation (assuming all translation strings are unique)? The reverse
function would take a translated string and put it back in the

foo('bestandsnaam') = 'filename' #to allow an english user to work
with a file saved by a dutch user

Of course I can customize _() so it keeps track of the translations in
a reverse dictionary or I could build an external reverse dictionary,
but I was wondering if there was a more elegant solution.


In my code this would be called like

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