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Python Programming Language

making a opc client in Python and use opc server Events

Hi all
I have a sample code to implement opc client in Python. i use a
file .py making by makepy with pythonwin for Com Interface.
i can get all server in machine, connect to server opc, disconnect,
add group, add item, read, write item in server opc.

import win32com.client  # librairie pour utiliser l'interface COM/DCOM
from win32com.client import gencache
gencache.EnsureModule('{DFB83232-A952-11D2-A46B-00C04F796375}', 0, 1,

for svr in opcserver.GetOPCServers():
    print svr

#connect to server OPC Demo Simulation from Matrikon

# Instance object Groups
#add group

#instance onject Items
# add item in server opc

#read item value

# write a new value

#read item value
#if no pb you have 100 :)


BUT, and BUT, i want to use a event from opc server for uodating item
value with this below class. And i don't konw how make it!!!!!!!!
help me plz

and now i want to use events from opc server. in a class:
class DIOPCGroupEvent:
class DIOPCGroupsEvent:
class DIOPCServerEvent:

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