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optparse: list out entered values

I'm using optparse.OptionParser for parsing command line arguments.

 parser = optparse.OptionParser()
  parser.add_option("-x", "--xample", help="example",
  options = parser.parse_args()[0]

python example.py -x value

I'm in search of a method to list out all the entered options along
with the values. something which gives me:
  ex => value
  help => example
  version => blah blah..
I expected such a method to be there already.

I could use dir(options) but it's kinda ugly and would require
eliminating the "unwanted" variables.

print dir(options)

['__doc__', '__eq__', '__init__', '__module__', '__ne__', '__repr__',
'__str__', '_update', '_update_careful', '_update_loose',
'ensure_value', 'ex', 'read_file', 'read_module']

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On May 25, 3:07 am, Nirnimesh <nirnim@gmail.com> wrote:

I dug around with the optparse module and got this:

for key, val in parser.values.__dict__.iteritems():
    print key, val

I would tend to write this as::

     for key, val in vars(options).iteritems():
         print key, val


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