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Python Programming Language

pyhon 2.5.1 build fails

I am getting an error while building python-2.5.1 on a freebsd 6.1 machine as a
normal user

./configure --prefix=/home/me/mypython --enable-unicode=ucs2

seems to work fine, but make install fails whilst running

/home/my/mypython/lib/python2.5/test/test_module.py ...
Compiling /home/me/mypython/lib/python2.5/test/test_multibytecodec.py ...
Sorry: UnicodeError: ("\\N escapes not supported (can't load unicodedata module)",)
Compiling /home/me/mypython/lib/python2.5/test/test_multibytecodec_support.py ...

I see there was a bug reported about this

but I didn't really understand what the resolution was. I do not have any
special PYTHONHOME or PYTHONPATH set. The install partially works and I have a
running python without the unicodedata module. Looking in Modules I don't see
any unicodedata.o so I guess it's not being built for some reason.
Robin Becker

well regardless of the resolution of the so called bug, my fis is to edit
Modules/Setup.dist and uncomment line 180 beginning #unicodedata then the test
don't fail halfway through and things get built properly.

Strangely I thought that all this was supposed to be handled automatically now.
Robin Becker

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