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Python Programming Language

38278 How to parse the os.system() output in python
38277 IDE for wxPython
38276 Looking for a job?
38275 Webcams and python
38274 List to string
38273 GCC 4.1.2 installer for Python distutils compilation
38272 encoding - arabic(IBM 864) to UNICODE
38271 cheese shop: tagging and dating
38270 UnicodeDecodeError
38269 screen size/resolution in win32 in python
38268 XML based programming language
38267 pyCairo
38266 list comprehension help
35560 Using wildcards with Popen in the Subprocess module
35559 Tkinter menu toplevel or frame
35558 right-format of integer output as text
35557 problem with str()
35556 os.path.isfile with *.tar.gz
35555 New Chess Module
35554 Python shell on mac os x
35553 lock problem
35552 To count number of quadruplets with sum = 0
35551 Subclassing: what is wrong here?
35550 newb: Python Floating Point
35549 "urlopen" not thread safe
35548 Python Eggs on Cygwin
35547 Registration Open for South Florida Software Symposium 2007
35546 Import Error with embedded python
35545 python noob, multiple file i/o
35544 getting local system information with python
35543 CSV module and "fileobj"
35542 Writing python module in C: wchar_t or Py_UNICODE?
35541 Mastering Python
35540 getopt or optparse options/arguments wrapping?
35539 String formatting with fixed width
35538 Importing
35537 Need help with apack compression code
35536 mySQLdb versus platform problem
35535 Python training in Barcelona, Spain?
35534 TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
35533 Finding the insertion point in a list
34640 Constructor of object
34639 Python & Oracle
34638 os.path.basename() - only Windows OR *nix?
34637 Beginner question: difference between lists and tuples
34636 command line arguments using subprocess
34635 Converting a list to a dictionary
34634 string formatting: engineering notation
34633 windows blinds
34632 question about class methods
34631 Add readline capability to existing interactive program
34630 Python COM called from VB/Delphi
34629 Circular Class Logic
34628 spawn process in a new console window
34627 distributing python software in jar like fashion
34626 Too slow to read an entire table from Microsoft Access
34625 Box plot in Python
34624 Returning other instance from __init__
34623 performance question
34622 looking for a simple crypto library
34621 what are Python equivalent to MATLAB persistent or C++ static?
34620 Python eggs and openSuse 10.2 errors
34619 mindSHIFT's InterScan MSS has removed attachment(s)
34618 Sorry (was Re: Cteni unicode retezcu ze souboru UTF-8 s BOM?)
34617 Computer Job Vacancy
34616 cx_Oracle and unicode data
34615 wxTextCtrl - copy and paste 65,000 characters of text into it only seems to hold 30,003
34614 Multiline code - trailing slash usage
34613 Pickle Problem
33614 Setting Up SOAPpy for Python v2.5 on Windows?
33613 ANN: ActivePython is now available
33612 Getting a service's banner by connect to a port
33611 help!! *extra* tricky web page to extract data from...
33610 Problem I have with a while loop/boolean/or
33609 Problem in importing fipy
33608 Questions on migrating from Numeric/Scipy to Numpy
33607 how to detect change of list of instances
33606 python/C++ wrapper
33605 Twelve Proofs that Muhammad is a True Prophet
33604 Mocking OpenOffice in python?
33603 how to catch system errors in python
33602 Swig Problem string&
33601 Attribute monitoring in a class
33600 Passing a FILE* from Python into a MinGW/SWIG module
33599 Quick Filter Dictionary
33598 mod_python demo
33597 execfile locks file forever if there are any syntax errors - is it python bug?
33596 Grep Equivalent for Python
33595 IronPython and COM Interface
33594 logging and wx.Timer
33593 dict.items() vs dict.iteritems and similar questions
33592 getting user id (from an arbitrary sys user)
33591 Q: Cteni unicode retezcu ze souboru UTF-8 s BOM?
33590 print and softspace in python
33589 (beginners) howto ascribe _all_ fields of parent class to child class?
33588 Python equivalents to MATLAB str2func, func2str, ischar, isfunc?
32616 most complete xml package for Python?
32615 How to capture environment state after running a shell script.
32614 maxho@maxho.com
32613 CD insert/eject detection
32612 i can`t get python working on the command line (linux)
32611 struct.pack oddity
32610 Communicating with a DLL under Linux
32609 Iterating across a filtered list
32608 Tools for GUI/graphics
32607 Find the path of a running .py program
32606 Interface in IronPython
32605 Python for amd64 and x86 on Windows
32604 Starting an external, independent process from a script
32603 Request for a change in the csv module.
32602 attaching Tkinter Listbox to python list object
32601 httplib/socket problems reading 404 Not Found response
32600 Error 14 on OS Call
32599 how to set different TCP_KEEPALIVE parameters for different socket ?
32598 Starting Python... some questions
32597 Calling cpp from python/SWIG
32596 converting epoch time to string (and vice versa)
32595 help developing an editor to view openoffice files.
32594 Eureka moments in Python
32593 Setting System Date And Time
32592 backslashes in lists
32591 nonlinear interpolation
32590 Newbie Question : "grep"
32589 glob.glob output
32588 File locking
32587 using python to visit web sites and print the web sites image to files
32586 can not load mod_python on apache
32585 New to Python
32584 Using .NET COM-objects and "GetType"
32583 programmatically manipulation environment variables of the calling shell
32582 Single string print statements on multiple lines.
32581 Philippine Celebrities & Sex Tips
31189 Signed zeros: is this a bug?
31188 Putting Metaclasses to Work
31187 Watching a file another app is writing
31186 cherrypy sub-process
31185 Bitpacked Data
31184 Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
31183 Object instance "reporting" to a container class instance
31182 How to modify the source of a python file inside a python egg file?
31181 hotmail / aim / yahoo addressbook importer
31180 UTF-8
31179 Database module & multithreading
31178 Searching comp.lang.python/python-list@p ython.org (was: UTF-8)
31177 Help controlling CDROM from python
31176 making an "executable" for a python code (newbie)
31175 minimum age to learn python (a.k.a graphical vs text languages)
31174 A Pythonic Way to Measure and Improve Your Programming Skills?
31173 Announcing BBCode parsing module
31172 Logfile for my App not "rewriting"
31171 unsigned integer?
31170 CGI handler: Retrieving POST and GET at the same time
31169 Phase change material ...
31168 Formatted Input
31167 Help
31166 Need help in using mod_python
31165 How to test if a key in a dictionary exists?
31164 Curious behaviour of Tkinter object
31163 distributed queue?
31162 PIL: reading bytes from Image
31161 Python in a desktop environment
31160 threading and iterator crashing interpreter
31159 a better solution for GUI in python
31158 Python books?
29396 Where to "import"?
29395 Dyanmic import of a class
29394 SQLAlchemy and Oracle Functions?
29393 What is the best way to upgrade python?
29392 convert time string in UTC to time in local time
29391 Coding a scheduled journal application
29390 Extend distutils bdist_rpm to support %config?
29389 writing dictionary to file
29388 any better code to initalize a list of lists?
29387 list of dictionary in embedded Python
29386 Python books?
29385 I am a new guy on python world
29384 C++ and Python
29383 2 new comment-like characters in Python to aid development?
29382 Python not processing .pth files
29381 Pb with descriptor and super ...
29380 A Pythonic Way to Measure and Improve Your Programming Skills?
29379 Creating a DLL file from Python Code
29378 Is this right? Multiple imports of same module.
29377 number generator
29376 opinion needed
29375 about application deployment
29374 Are Lists thread safe?
29373 floating point rounding
29372 How to Start a (thread?) and Leave
29371 bisect on a list of lists
29370 is this a bug? (python 2.3)
29369 Need help with a string plz! (newbie)
29368 Adding Lib/site-packages
29367 File IO errors with PyPDF
29366 Google Summer of Code 2007
29365 Python-list Digest, Vol 42, Issue 117
29364 UTF-8 output problems
29363 Unexpected behavior of list of list
29362 whois python interface
29361 *** The most profound and the most fragrant words ***

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