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BOUNTY: Quicksilver plugins in Ruby

On Wed, May 30, 2007, Timothy Brown wrote:
> 2. http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/public/ytrewq1/articles/htmappfq/

This describes how to use PyObjC to write a Quicksilver plugin.  You
could just translate this guide to RubyCocoa, or are you looking for
something that doesn't require the user to know the Objective C API?


On Wed, May 30, 2007, Timothy Brown wrote:
> PyObjC is only supported in Quicksilver (apparently) through
> the PyObjC support plugin.  A similar plugin needs to
> be developed for the chosen interface.  The ideal scenario
> would be something that abstracts the ObjC API to the
> point where Quicksilver plugins can be written directly
> in Ruby with little to no knowledge of ObjC.

Hm, I didn't see that, but I probably just missed it.  Can you give me a
link to where it says that?

I believe it should be possible to implement a Quicksilver plugin using
only RubyCocoa, but I'm not certain.  I'll explore it, this is a fun
project :)


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