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Ruby Programming Language

Help with simple meta programming


This is a basic question of meta-programming with Ruby, which I'm
still getting familiar with.

I want to change/create a new attr_accessor such that it calls a kind
of proxy for retrieving the variable (which is not actually stored in
the object itself but rather on the database).

def variable

def variable=(value)
  invoke_method(variable, value)

So, I catch the method name which should correspond to the variable
(except for the set method, which includes an extra '=') and pass it
to another function.

Any hints on how to get it done the right way? Thanks!



On 5/30/07, mario.lo@gmail.com <mario.lo@gmail.com> wrote:

Maybe you would like to have a look at my personal favorite of all
Ruby Quizzes(*) (well that is of course save my own - just kidding-
there are lots of close seconds BTW):
I am quite sure that this should cover your needs.


(*) although I miserably failed to find a solution (at that time).

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