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How compile a makefile in windows

I modified the archive object.c(in C:\ruby\src\ruby-1.8.6>), I created
the archive extconfig.rb with the following content:

require "mkmf"

and run
ruby extconfig.rb

Makefile was created, and run:

ruby makefile

but, appear this error:

makefile:2: unknown regexp option - h
makefile:6: syntax error, unexpected '.'
makefile:7: syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting $end
topdir = c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-mswin32

What it is happening?

Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.


At Tue, 29 May 2007 12:44:53 +0900,
Marcelo Junior wrote in [ruby-talk:253367]:

> ruby makefile

Makefile is for make command.

Nobu Nakada

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