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Ruby Programming Language

Looking for submissions for a "Ruby Project Spotlight" series

Hey folks,

In the continuing effort to revitalize the O'Reilly Ruby blog, I'm
starting up a news series called "Ruby Project Spotlight".
Essentially, I will accept code-only submissions from new or rapidly
changing projects all month long, and at the end of each month, choose
a project to write about for the series.  The goal is to provide two
things: 1) a chance for especially cool new projects to get some extra
exposure , and 2) Help promote new ideas and developments, rather than
just pimping the top Ruby projects.

So I think I'll be doing this every month, but at least for this
month, submissions would be due by June 30th.   I've put the
guidelines and a little more detail in this announcement:


Hope that sounds like fun,


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