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Ruby Programming Language

Pointers for Designing UNO Ruby Bridge

I am interested in designing a bridge between Ruby and UNO. I have
looked over the following links for documentation:

I am not able to figure out the steps required to start implementing
the bridge.
It would be great if someone can give some pointers for the following
a. Architechture required for writing the Bridge.
b. The approach to be taken . Eg deciding whether to write a
    Remote UNO bridge OR
    Binary UNO bridge OR
    Language specific bridge.

c. Some steps to be followed (procedure) if I adopt one of the above
mentioned approach.



I suggest you:

1. Learn Ruby. Google for plenty of resources.
2. Learn UNO, and whatever APIs it provides for extension (e.g. C function
   calls, SOAP interface or whatever). If necessary, learn C, SOAP etc.
3. Write some code to get Ruby to talk to UNO.
4. When you get stuck on a specific problem, ask for help with that
   specific problem.

Also, search for interfaces in other scripting languages (e.g. existing
bindings from Perl, Python or TCL to UNO). That may give you clues on how to
go about it. If these don't exist, then you probably need to ask on an UNO
mailing list, not a Ruby one, about how to go about this. Looking at the
link you give it seems that Python bindings already exist, so one approach
would be to port those.

Finally, make sure you have some specific goals in mind as to what you want
to be able to do from the Ruby side.

Good luck.


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